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Integria IMS allows managing a Knowledge Base (KB). Its purpose is to keep useful information organized in items that belong to a certain product, a category, and so on.

Knowledge base

To access the list of items that make up the knowledge base:

You may access both the item listing and management. To make its search easier we have a filter by text, product, category or language.

The list of items shows us the information the item contains as well as other information of interest such as the date of publication, its category or its rating. You may also:

  • Edit each item by clicking on the pencil icon.
  • Or delete it,by clicking on the trash can icon.


Categories are a way to classify items in the knowledge base. In the “Categories” section, you may see their list and the detail: associated icon, name, category it depends on (if any), its description, the number of itemes assigned to that category and the option to delete is also displayed.

Category creation/editing is very simple.

Types of products

Another way to narrow down the ranking of a KB item is to refer to a specific product. In section “Types of Products” you will find a list of them together with their details: icon, name, description and the number of items assigned to that product. You also have the option to delete products.

Product creation/editing is very simple.

Knowledge base item creation

Once the corresponding categories and products have been created, the items that will form our knowledge base can be created. In the “Browse” section you may see the list of items

Get into the detail:

In this view you may also rate the item:

In the item list view, you may also create new items.

Another way to create items in the knowledge base is through ticket resolution. This relationship allows, for example, to save the resolution of a problem to check it later and avoid opening a new ticket .

When a ticket changes its status to Closed , a dialog will be displayed that will allow you to add the content of that ticket to the knowledge base.

Selecting Add to KB will open the item creation form with the ticket data preloaded.

Access management

The Knowledge Base section is accessible by all users who have the appropriate permissions in their profile, but in order to further limit access to the content, Integria IMS allows you to manage the visibility of your KB items by Product and Group.

For example, you want the items belonging to the product “Hard Drives” to be only visible by the Group “VIP Support - Customer XXX”.

In the Access management section, you may check and manage access of groups to certain products.

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