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Integria IMS has a centralized Download environment, which allows files and software release distribution to customers and users. All items in Downloads must belong to a Category, which may be related to a group. This allows access control of the different users. Also, Downloads are classified into Folders.

The first thing we will do is manage Folders and Categories.


Download files are grouped into folders. To see the list, click DownloadsFolders . From this section you msy also create new folders.

To create a new folder, assign it a name, an icon, a description and whether it has a root folder.


All the elements that make up a folder have to belong to a category, which means that you will have to have them created first. To do this, click DownloadsDownload categories and access the view of the different categories that you have configured. From this same section create new categories by clicking Create.

In the new screen, name the new category and assign it an icon. Click Create to save the changes. That way, we add all the categories the folders in your system will belong to.


When you access the Browse section of the Downloads menu, you will see a list with the different Folders.

To add new elements, just select Add files and a view like this will be displayed.

Where you may select any of the files that are in the repository, or select a file from another location with the Search by file option. Once the file is selected by either of the two possible ways, a new dialog will be displayed where you may select the category the file belongs to, its folder and whether you want to generate a public link. Through this link you may access the file download of the file without having to be logged in .

Access management

The objective of this section is to relate the categories that we have created within Downloads, with the different groups configured in Integria IMS system.

That way we achieve a folder access control system, since an item that belongs to a category is assigned a set of groups (one or more) that define the users who may or may not have access to said item.

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