Integration with eHorus

Integration with eHorus

eHorus is a remote computer management system that relies on the “Cloud” (Software as a Service or SaaS) to connect to them, regardless of changes in the IP address, firewalls or other changes that may take place in the network.

To enable it, it is necessary to activate integration in its section within Integria IMS settings.

Once activated, the username, password, eHorus portal name and API port must be correctly configured (by default 443). A check can be carried out from the same section using the Test option of the configuration carried out.

If the result is correct, you will have the integration correctly enabled.

Remote connection with computers

Once the integration is complete, the next step is to have inventory items configured with the eHorus Id field active.

Within the eHorus Id field in the inventory item, it will be necessary to configure the ID corresponding to the eHorus agent, previously installed on the server and correctly registered in the integrated eHorus portal, to activate the eHorus connection function within the inventory item.

If you have this field active and configured, the following “eHorus” option will appear when entering the details of the inventory item:

By accessing the section, you may connect with the eHorus agent.

If successful, it will ask you for the agent's password.

Once you access, you will obtain all the details of the eHorus agent, being able to navigate through the Processes, Terminal, Display, Services and Files modes as long as they are enabled in the installed eHorus agent.

It is essential for the correct operation of this integration for the Apache server to have the following parameter configured:
Header always set X-Frame-Options “SAMEORIGIN”

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