Integration with Pandora FMS

Pandora FMS is a monitoring software oriented to all types of environments. At present it is fully integrated since from Pandora FMS tickets can be created and closed manually or automatically through alerts or event responses, as well as viewing and editing them from the section prepared for this purpose.

You may find its configuration and display in the following link of Pandora FMS documentation "Incidence Management", where the necessary configurations for the implementation of the integration are explained step by step, as well as all the options it allows.

Communication between Pandora FMS and Integria IMS is done through Integria IMS API.

Setup API Integria IMS

Within the integration options in Pandora FMS, the following parameters are requested for its configuration:


User registered in Integria IMS. You must have the appropriate privileges so that you may access all tickets and built-in groups. The ideal is to configure a user with all the privileges (administrator) and who cannot log in:


Password of the user frome the previous point.

API Hostname

IP address or URL of Integria IMS server. Configure Integria base URL and if you have the custom installation, you may add the full path where the API is located:


In turn, for security reasons, the IP address of Pandora FMS server must be found within the list of IP addresses allowed by Integria IMS API. You will find this option in Integria IMS setup.

API Password

Integria IMS API password. You will find the configuration of this password in Integria IMS Setup.