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6. Knowledge base

Integria IMS has a Knowledge Base management system (abbreviated KB) that is meant to maintain a base composed of different articles, which are organized depending on product type, category or language those articles are written in.

It constitutes a central element in consulting and editing articles, which can be fed by users both manually and by using the ticketing system.


In the Knowledge Base section we can see the different articles it contains, create new ones, and manage different categories and products that each of them can belong to, along with the access to these articles from different user groups.

On the main screen (by default found on the “Examine” side menu) you can find a view that lists the different articles that compose the KB. This view allows filtering articles depending on the category or product for each element, as well as the language in which it was written. It's also possible to narrow down searches using free search text field.

Managing Categories

To create or view the different categories that are available on our knowledge base, navigate to “Manage Categories” on the side menu.

From this section the list of categories you've created are displayed. Each of these will have an icon, name and, optionally, a parent assigned to it which will be the category from which it depends. On this same view you have the “Elements” column, which shows the number of articles assigned to that category. You can delete a category by pressing the “Delete” button on the category you want to delete from the KB.

Product Management

Different elements on a KB can also reference a specific product, which means that, as with categories, you have the possibility to manage and view different products in order to posteriorly assign them to articles on our KB.

To access this section click on product types, found on the side menu in the KB section of Integria IMS. Once inside, you can view all the products that have been created. Just like with categories, the product view shows the name and icon for the product, along with a description and the number of elements and articles assigned to them. Pressing the “Delete” icon deletes the different existing products.

Creating a new KB article

Once we've created categories and products, we can begin to create the articles that'll compose our Integria IMS knowledge base.

To create a new KB element we should head over to the side menu and navigate to the section create element in the KB. This will open a new screen where we'll have to insert the Title for the new article, the Language it's written in, the Product and the Category it'll belong to (and that we've created beforehand), and finally a Data field where we'll write the text for our new element.

Next we click Create so the new article is saved, which will redirect us to the general element view where the new article can be found.

To view a specific element, the user must click on the article name, and once inside, we can see the article's Author, it's previous modification date, the product and the category it's assigned to, along with the language it's written in.

The KB allows users to attach files to the elements or articles that form the KB.

Creating a new article from a Ticket

It's possible to create a new entry in the KB using a ticket solution as a starting point. This way ticket management and the KB become interrelated to allow more flexibility when creating new articles based on ticket solutions.

When a ticket transitions to solved status, an option that says add to KB appears. If we click on it, Integria will redirect us automatically to the KB section with the creation view for a new article. The different fields are filled automatically by taking the default data from the ticket.

KB access management

This is an Enterprise feature which allows us to define which groups can see which products. Access permission management through the last option on the side menu of the KB.

Choose a Product Type and a group to give access to users on that group to all articles related to that product (in any category).

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