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7. File distribution

File distribution system- Folders


Integria IMS has a centralized download environment that allows file and software release distribution to customers and users registered on Integria. All Download elements must belong to a category, and categories at the same time are related to a group. All of this allows access control over which users access which elements.

It also has an “anonymous” system that allows sharing a file with any user without needing an Integria account, just by sharing a URL to access that file.

General view

We access the file distribution system from Integria's top menu, and navigating to Downloads

From this section we can create different categories to which the files will belong, and manage user and customer access, relating a category with one or more groups.

In the side menu Inspect types are shown first. Click on any of them to see a list of the files that make up our Folders in that category. It should look like the screenshot below.

In this view the filesize for each element, the category to which it belongs, the number of file downloads and the time since upload are all shown.

We can also filter the folders thanks to the search included in the top part of the Inspect view. The filtering can be done both by categories or by folder name.

Creating a category

All the elements which make up a file release have to belong to one category. This means that they must be created beforehand. To do this click on Downloads→Download Categories to access a view of the different categories already configured. From this same section you can create new categories by clicking on the Create button.

On the new screen name the new category and assign an icon to it. Then click on “Create” to save changes. This adds all the categories to which each folder on our system will belong.

Access Management

The purpose of this section is to relate the categories we've created in File Releases, with the different groups configured on the Integria sytem.

This way we create a control system to access file releases, since an element that belongs to a category has a set of groups (one or more) that define the users that can or can't have access to said element.

Creating a file release

To create a new file release click on Downloads→Create Download (File releases→Create file release). This prompts an editing screen where the new file will be registered on the system. The fields to create will be the Name of the File Release, its Category (previously we should have assigned one or more groups to that same category), a Description and a dropdown menu from which to choose the file you wish to add.

By default, files must be placed in the folder /attachment/downloads of your Integria root directory. These files can be uploaded through an FTP connection or using the file manager that comes with Integria.

Within the File Releases section itself you can find an option to upload files from there. It's important to mind the system's filesize upload limitations, since it won't be applicable to larger sized files or those defined within the PHP.ini file, in the variable max. upload size.

The external ID is used, along with the “Public” option, to create a public link that anyone can click on, even if they don't have access to the tool. It's a way of (optionally) sharing files with anyone, while managing them through Integria.

File Sharing system


Integria IMS also has an environment where compressed file packages can be created for future downloading. Each user can create his or her own file packages.

It has a system that allows for sharing multiple files at once. Integria will compress all the files that have been uploaded previously by the user into a single zip folder.

Package creating

To access this feature navigate to Support→File Sharing. From this menu you can add the files you want to a package, give that package a name and upload it directly to the Integria Server. You can also see which packages you've created and the files that compose them. Plus, there is the possibility to download the zip file directly or obtain a download URL for sharing.

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