4. Updating Integria

We consider updating the process of applying the “latest changes” or patches on an already functional installation. This basically consists of replacing the old code files with new ones. There are two ways to update: using the web console or using packages.

Web console update

  • Update Manager: if you have an Internet connection, simply access the menu Setup→Update and follow the steps marked on the Update Manager.

The interface may vary depending on whether it's the Open or the Enterprise edition. It's recommendable to exit the application and then log back in again immediately after every update. You should see a confirmation message about changes in the database.

  • Offline update: after downloading the OUM file (.oum) load it using the menu Setup→Offline Update.

Package update

The process is simple and can be described in 3 steps.

  1. Download the package (in tarball format) or in .RPM or .DEB format.
  2. Update.
  3. Check that everything is OK.

The second step (updating), will vary depending on it being in RPM, DEB or Tarball format.

Updating with RPM

We type the command:

rpm -U package_name.rpm

Updating with DEB

we type the command:

dpkg -i nombre_paquete.deb

Updating with Tarball


Depends on where Integria is installed. Let's suppose that it's found on /var/www/html/integria. Suppose you have the tarball you've downloaded from the web on /tmp. We'll type the following commands using the root user account:

cd /tmp
tar xzf nombre_paquete.tar.gz
cd trunk
./integria_update -p /var/www/html/integria

This copies the content from all the code files, overwriting any preexisting ones found on /var/www/html/integria and trying to change the group/owner to the user from the WEB server.

Windows Open the tarball file with a compressed file tool such as WinZip or WinRAR, find the directory where you originally installed Integria and overwrite the files inside with the contents of the tar.gz file.


Check in the application's footer that the build/version has changed with respect to the previous version. This is a surefire way to know whether the application has been successfully updated.

After updating

Check that on the page footer in the application that the build and/or version has changed regarding your previous version. This is a trustworthy indicator that the application has been successfully updated.

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