4. Customer Relationship Managment (CRM)

Integria on its own constitutes a completely functional CRM. It can be used to manage customer accounts, contacts, contracts, leads, and it also has a manager for outgoing bills, all integrated into the system. Inventory items can be linked to contracts and clients, and integrated into ticketing, making it possible to know when there's a ticket, which company is related to this issue, and which contacts, bills or recent commercial activity there are related to the account.

Creating a company profile

These profiles are a central element to customer management: they store data on the company or organization. This data ranges from the name, phone number, company or business role, along with some other data. To create a new company profile we simply head over to the 'Customer' menu above us and then select 'New Company' on the left-hand side menu, where we'll add the corresponding data.

Once it has been created, a series of tabs for data updates will be enabled, where you can update contact info, leads, billing status, etc.

Invoice creation

Invoices allow you to know when there are outgoing bills that haven't been paid, as well as knowing when and how much a specific company has been billed. In order to create a new invoice you have to click on the left-side menu on the button titled 'Invoices' and select 'New invoice'. This can also be done within a company profile going to the 'Invoice' tab and clicking on 'Create'.

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