3. Project management

Integria IMS can be used to create a classic project methodology (based on Gantt, landmarks and tasks) or also on agile methodologies (SCRUM). It counts on different types of reports and has time and cost based metrics. It allows role definitions and assigning costs to each role. Also, it simultaneously integrates planning with cost and time inputs. All of the updates are notified via email.

Creating a project

For this we need to go to the overhead menu titled 'Projects'. After clicking we can go to left side menu and select 'Create Project'.


From here we can sign up the project's name, dates, managers, and more. Once its created, we can click on the project and it'll enable a new left-side menu named 'Project Management'. From this menu we can control everything related to our project.


Adding a task

The first step is creating a task, we can't assign resources, add files, input WorkUnits, or other things until the task is created. For this we have to go over to the 'Project Management' side menu and click on 'New Task'.


When defining a task, it has to be defined within a set of starting and ending time margins, just like a criticality or a priority scale of it. Resources (people) are assigned to it, along with objective costs and a set of time resources (established in hours).

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