Ideas and tips for a good work environment

a good work environment

A good work environment. Do you know how to get it?

If your office is full of conflicts with tension, you might as well try to do something about it, like getting to work with a peaceful expression on your face and ready to spread the benefits of a good working environment.

It will not seem wrong to embrace a new era of peace and harmony. Friendship will grow among the cliffs, until completing a green field of companionship and good vibes.

Waking up every morning will be less difficult if you know you won’t suffer. Competitiveness and top management will always be there, but you have to be able to cope with them from time to time to create a good work environment. Thus facing competitiveness, sportsmanship, high positions, communication and respect.

From our Integria IMS blog, we want to help you, we want to plant the little seed of hope until the fruit grows. In order to do this, we would like to offer you some ideas and tips to establish a good work environment. A working climate that is closer to spring than winter. In order to lighten your daily workload and to make it even more fun.

To create a good work environment…

1) Encourage respect

There is nothing more distasteful than a boss, a manager, a superior…. who asks you to do your job in a rude way, using a harsh and despicable manner, and even raising his/her voice… You might agree with me that, this is the worst idea of leadership and empathy.

A “sergeant” boss only damages productivity, the work environment, the relationships between employees and even the very spirit and mind of the worker.

A good leader, foreman, must know what respect, tolerance and harmony mean. Encourage fellowship for a good work environment.

2) Team Building

The idea of “team” is essential for a good work environment. If the Real Madrid team itself or the rock band Metallica have their psychologist group sessions to foster this team spirit, then we will be happy to do activities outside the office or workspace. It will strengthen fellowship in order to move forward and reach goals. It is also the perfect way to cope with stress, with a new, different, peaceful environment.

If you know that integration and the combination of talents are the basic forms of organization and commitment, then how about a day of leisure involving a game of paintball or having a BBQ? Even this BBQ will foster teamwork!

A satisfied employee is a highly productive and committed employee.

3) A suitable workplace

For me, the place where I spend most of my time must become my temple, so for the average employee it should be the same. There are some things that are essential in order to feel comfortable in one place that need to be considered. This place should be spacious, with a good and beautiful layout, with a well defined and clean structure… All this will allow the worker and his or her team to work in a relaxed and correct way. It will improve your well-being and performance within the tasks assigned by the company.

Of course, the decoration of the workplace helps, it creates a pleasant and trusting atmosphere. There is no need to put up the Nirvana posters of our teenage years, but there are certain decorative objects that make the place a comfortable place to work. Perhaps boards can be used by colleagues to share their proposals or ideas, family photos, inspiring elements.

On a more practical level, your working tools should be up to date. The fact that your gadgets aren’t working properly is something that annoying and frustrating. It also makes it difficult for employees to do their jobs efficiently and comfortably.

4) Flexible hours

More and more studies show that traditional office hours (from 9 am to 6 pm) are becoming less and less productive and less efficient in companies.

We have to think about individuals. You need to know that each person works in a productive way, perhaps at different times. Flexible working hours help the worker to adjust his or her own schedule, thus improving productivity and helping to reconcile work and family life. The employees, and the families of the employees themselves, will appreciate this. There is nothing like the harmony between the working world and the personal one to feel valued and fulfilled.

Teleworking, working remotely, is also one of the options that the company may offer. The employee will be able to work from home sometime during the week, for example, and he or she will be more committed to achieving goals and meeting objectives than to pretending to work all the time in the office.

A degree of autonomy and freedom is one of the requirements for a good work environment.

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