How to deal with an angry customer

angry customers

Angry Customers; 8 Ideas to successfully deal with them

Has anyone looked at you with killer eyes lately? Has anyone mentioned any of your illustrious ancestors? Have you felt like the referee of a football match after whistling a penalty against the home team?

Stop it right here! Those are behaviours you mustn’t tolerate. Especially if you work in customer service.

Respect, first and foremost. Customer service work can result in having to deal with uncomfortable situations in front of angry customers who may sometimes lose their temper.

And of course, handling such situations is not easy. Use your best smile, tune your nerves like a surgeon and take a look at these 8 ideas for dealing with an angry client – these might help you!

– Stay calm

This is the best way to deal with a situation where your interlocutor is likely to be very nervous. Don’t get caught up in his nervousness and you’ll be able to handle the situation much better. Also, remember that, like excitement, calm is also contagious, so if you keep your nerves under control you’ll probably see how the client also begins to relax little by little.

– Be respectful

Don’t lose your way. Your client may do so; if so, don’t play his/her game. The fact that the client says something wrong – because of nervousness or bad manners – is not enough to make you do the same.

– Don’t ignore the anger of the customer

Ignoring an angry person’s complaints is a direct way to increase their disgust. Is that what you want?

If the user who contacts you is angry they will want you to act accordingly and show them that you are aware of their anger. Verbally acknowledge his/her anger and at least he/she will perceive that you are not ignoring him/her. This will probably relax his/her attitude a little.

– This situation is quite important

It will be another way to ease the mood. In addition to letting them know that you perceive their anger, let them know that their problem is important to you and you will do your best to solve it. It will be another small “drop of balm” to calm the situation.

– Don’t rush the customer

Keep in mind that, as we were saying, when a person is angry, he or she will usually also be very nervous. Therefore, you will need to give him/her time to calm down and explain the problem. Listen quietly and interrupt as little as possible. The relief you get by explaining your situation without interruption will be one of the best ways to get the client to calm down.

– Ask the right questions

Once the client has unburdened himself/herself and feels calmer, it will be time to get down to work to solve his or her problems, and to achieve this you will need to obtain the necessary information that will allow you to understand what the problem is and what he/she needs. Ask the right questions, focus on what you really need to know and you’ll be starting to resolve the situation.

– Find the solution with the utmost diligence

Of course, you’ll always have to be diligent in your work, but when dealing with angry customers you’ll have to be especially careful – keep in mind that this ‘volcano’ will always be ready for a new eruption!

Fix the situation as quickly and diligently as possible. And if you don’t have the capacity to do so and you have to refer the issue to a third party, let the customer know and explain the situation clearly and let them know that someone else will take care of solving their problem with all possible interest and agility.

– Say goodbye in a very polite way

We know that you always do, that you are more elegant than a Hollywood actor in a cologne ad, but with angry customers you’ll have to use all your charm and be quite polite. Your client may already be calmer by now, and you may even have earned a little piece of his or her heart. You may have been able to solve his/her problems and he/she may have realized that it wasn’t that bad, after all, and he/she may even feel a bit embarrassed about being so angry.

Have you managed to handle the situation well and solve the user’s problems? Say goodbye to him/her with courtesy and the satisfaction of a job well done. You did it!

Here are some ideas for dealing with angry customers. As we said before, this can happen with some frequency in the field of customer service, and it is not always easy to manage. But if you act professionally and in a good way, you’ll be closer to handling this kind of situation.

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