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Customer att; new trends in customer service

Have you seen your neighbour Jose? He’s given up his job at a bank, grown a beard, long hair, and now plays in a Heavy metal band called The Raging Satanists, and they say he’s quite happy!

Everything in life changes. And lately, things are changing faster and faster. And just like everything else, customer service also changes, it evolves over time.
Because neither consumers are the same as they were before nor are the technological means, both within their reach and within the reach of companies.

Besides, this whole process is a feedback loop. As technology makes new options possible for customers, they become more and more demanding, demanding even more new options.
And what can you do with this massive change? Maybe you can do two things: bury your head in the sand, like an ostrich, or keep up with the latest trends in customer att. Do you want to know some of them?

– Multi-channel (or even Omnichannel)

Websites, social networks, apps, blogs…. The communication channels between companies and customers are multiplying, and also the number of channels that can be used to provide customer service.

Nowadays, most companies offer several contact channels that imply greater convenience for their customers, or do you expect them, in the midst of the digital era, to be glad to come in person to your stores if they have a problem? Do you intend to force Godofreda, the sweet 103-year-old woman who has just bought a walker from your website, to walk to your physical store just because she has a doubt about its use? Don’t you have a heart?

However, although multichannel is a growing demand from users, it is not always easy to offer. Having many open channels of contact implies having the means (human and material) to be able to deal with them in an appropriate way. Do you think this is a lot of effort? Imagine the companies that try to offer omnichannel (i.e., keep all possible customer service channels open).

– 24×7 user support

This is another of the trends in customer att that users are increasingly demanding, although it is not always easy to offer.

The new generations don’t pay as much attention to the timetable as their ancestors. In prehistoric times, when you went to the menhir shop, you knew that customer service hours were Monday to Friday from 10 am to 2 pm. But now things don’t work that way anymore.
The digital native is used to having everything he/she needs (via the Internet) at any time, regardless of the time or day of the week he or she demands it. For this reason, more and more businesses are choosing to extend their customer service hours to the maximum, even reaching 24×7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) in cases where it is necessary and possible.

– Maximum agility

The user not only wants to solve his/her problems at any time, but he/she has to have them solved as soon as possible.

In general, everything happens faster than just a few years ago. In today’s dynamic lifestyle, having to wait for hours to solve a problem that comes from the use of a product or service is annoying – inconceivable even for many people.

The demand for agility and speed in resolving incidents has always been an important issue, but now it is much more so. If we add to this the increase in the number of complaints (customers are becoming more and more demanding and aware of their rights as consumers) and the multi-channel nature of the system, the challenge multiplies.

– More facilities for the refund

In a highly competitive environment where Internet shopping is booming, the ease of returning products has become crucial for many businesses.
It is not the same to buy in person, as it is online. Internet sales are more exposed to buyer disappointment (what arrives at their homes may not be what they expected), so for many businesses, facilitating refunds has become a requirement. In fact, some companies have even achieved fame and multiplied their turnover by making simple returns one of their hallmarks.

However, managing returns is not easy and can complicate customer service.
Another factor to be considered….

– New technological tools

They are essential to give customers the answers they need. Luckily, although the environment is becoming more and more demanding for companies, new tools are emerging every day to make it easier for users to meet their needs.
There are a lot of them, depending on the needs of each service. From specific tools, for example for a contact centre, to software such as incident management systems.

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