Stop being a lone wolf! Learn about the benefits of teamwork

Benefits of teamwork

Benefits of Teamwork – Make the most of them!

I’m sure, my film-loving friend, that you remember why in Steven Spielberg’s acclaimed film, Jurassic Park, the velociraptors were the most dangerous enemy: Was it because they had giant jaws with sharp teeth that were capable of crushing skulls?or because they had claws, curved like scythes, experienced at tearing vital organs and muscles?or because of their speed?or because of their threatening appearance as giant lizards? no! Because as prehistoric resurrected animals they knew the benefits of teamwork. It shows enough and necessary intelligence. While the Tyrannosaurus acted, at his own risk, alone, the velociraptors spoke to each other, agreed on a common goal, and it was much easier for them! What I mean is that when you finish this article on the benefits of teamwork, you’ll be ready to hunt in a Cretaceous rainforest and reach your most unattainable work goals, at a high speed and with less effort.

As you know from the first year of primary school, thanks to your illustrious teachers, in an organization, in a society, in a company, it is very important that all members work as a team. Each employee will contribute his or her own little grain of sand so that, together with the rest of the sand grains, the best results can be achieved.

Do you know the word “synergy”? It refers to the ‘action of two or more causes whose effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects’. Well, when you work as a team and effectively, you get synergy, the union, so to speak, of energies – what do we get out of it? That the efforts made by the members are intensified and strengthened. We will be able to notice, in a clear way, how the time of action decreases, and increases, considerably, the efficiency and the results.

As you may have already experienced in some of the work you have done during your studies, good teamwork is achieved through good communication, good coordination, trust, commitment and the maximum power of mutual affinity and complementarity.
If you remember your last job interview, this ability, the ability to work in a team, is greatly appreciated. You can see it in the eyes of managers or recruiters in the selection process. And it’s no wonder, the benefits of teamwork are so great for the company.

Benefits of teamwork

1) Increased efficiency and productivity

If we can get each employee to focus on his or her specialty, and if this collaboration between several employees allows each individual to maximize his or her own potential in his or her task, we will have achieved this. Before – I mean before achieving results or asking about them – a more relaxed and cordial period of time is needed to work as a team, in which interpersonal relationships are established between the members of the group. When the group is known and solid, like a pineapple, and it is understood and distributed like an anthill, productivity and efficiency will increase considerably.

2) It encourages creativity and learning

If you already work perfectly by yourself, wait and see what you will be able to achieve as a team. Creativity can be greatly enhanced when you work in a group.

Time is quickened by a brainstorming session that leaves out egocentric behaviors and allows you to enter into the views of others, to open your mind as an avant-garde painter. A combination of expert minds to find effective solutions and to solve problems. You share knowledge and, without even realizing it, you are learning individually.

3) No stress

If your boss wants you to bring a 1-ton bag of cement to the top floor of the building before the end of the week, you’re going to have to do it. Because, you know, he or she is your boss. If the elevator doesn’t work that week, you’ll start to notice how your muscles start to tighten, from your neck to your ankles. “I wish we could do it together. It would be easier,” you say. There you have it, individual work increases your workload, your responsibilities and burdens. And this causes a considerable increase in your stress. One of the greatest benefits of working as a team is sharing out tasks and responsibilities so that the “stress meter” goes down and you don’t go bald from the stress and anguish.

4) Develop interpersonal relationships

To form a team means to understand each other, to support each other, to trust each other. As a polyamorous marriage you will be able to tell each other everything in order to achieve results. It can even be fun, since you won’t be alone. You will be able to represent your ideas and create feedback instead of just talking in your cubicle. If it’s not love, there may be fellowship, and soon friendship. Teamwork develops interpersonal bonds, creates links to form an unbreakable chain.

5) It builds strengths for a different end product

One of the greatest benefits of teamwork is the possibility that the talents of each individual in the team may merge, complement each other, to create a final result that is impossible to achieve individually. If you’ve followed the popular Dragon Ball Z series, you’ll understand immediately when I tell you that Son Goku and Vegeta merged (by “working as a team”) and they got an invincible warrior like Vegetto. They couldn’t handle the bad guy separately, together they were far superior. If this great pop allegory were not useful, it could refer to a musical ensemble: a bassoon cannot, by itself, sound like the symphonic orchestra of the Principality of Asturias in its entirety. For all these reasons, a well-tuned team, for example with its leading programmer, graphic designer and SEO specialist, can go much further, each one doing his or her part, than a single employee. Sure, if the understanding is perfect.

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