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claims management

Claims management; Learn how to solve this successfully right now!

It is what it is you know. When it comes to customer service, a large part of the customer contacts consist of some kind of complain.

Claims management is one of the fundamental tasks of any customer service. And it is also the most delicate part. When customers get in touch to complain about something, their attitude is usually different from that customer who only wants, for example, to expand the information they have about a product or service.

In addition to this, it is also usually a type of task that can cause great stress in the team who is responsible for carrying it out, so it is convenient to have some resources in order to carry this out properly.

Lucky for you, there are procedures that can help you deal with this type of situation, this way that client who called you to complain about something, will be satisfied and will have a positive opinion of your company. Let’s see, in a brief and simple way, some ideas to achieve this.

First of all, be calm

Normally, when users contact the customer service of a company in order to expose a complaint, they will be moody. Although this depends on the personality, it is quite normal that the malfunction of a product or service might affect our nerves, but some people might not control this properly.

In these types of situations, you must keep calm, this is a must. If the client is upset, don’t mind his/her nervous or aggressive attitude as this will not help and could lead to even bigger problems. But, a calm and respectful behaviour will help face the problem with more balance, and it could also calm the user after the first moments of anger.

In addition to maintaining our own self-control, one of the things that will help calm the client is to apologize, even before knowing the problem, in order for the client to see that you are a friendly human. Once the client is calmer, it will be time to face the problem.

Listen to the claim

Once the emotional state of the client is good, it is time to start solving the complaint. For this, you need to take the time to listen to his/her claim in order to be an expert in claims management

This is also a delicate moment. If the client feels that you are not paying attention to him/her or that his/her problem is not interesting for you, then he/she might get nervous again. Therefore, the customer service has to be sincere, and the client must feel that you are being honest with him/her. In order to achieve this, some good habits, such as taking notes about the claim or asking questions to the client, might help you.

Sum up the most important thing

Once the client has exposed the problem, it is convenient to make a small summary, in order to set terms and to be able to clarify some points. In addition to this, this will let the user know that, again, your claim matters to us.

Solve the problem

Once the terms of the complaint or claim have been set, we must get down to work and resolve it.

Here, the key question is whether, by its nature, the problem can be solved at that very moment or on the contrary it will need a waiting time, either because it is a complex problem, or because it has to be transferred to another member of the company who will be able to solve it.

If it is necessary to wait, the time factor will become a key element. To be able to solve the problem in a reasonable amount of time, your customer service should have good organization and the right tools to help you when it comes to this task. Are you aware of this?

Create a good feeling

Try to leave a positive feeling in your client. Few things will help more than a client who knows that you will do everything possible so that this situation does not happen again. Again apologize if necessary, and let the user know that your complaint will be taken into account and will be heard.

Sometimes, and within the policies of the company, it may be a good idea to offer some kind of reward to the client as a way of compensation. For example, you can offer a discount on the products they have hired or a discount in the future, or offer a gift.

Remember that in claims management the objective is twofold: on the one hand, the objective is to solve the problem of the client smoothly, and on the other hand the objective is to change, through such resolution and a great customer service, the customer’s opinion about our company, so that it improves.

This task is not easy, but with the right ideas, a professional team and a good organization, claims management in your company will be less traumatic and will even help to promote customer loyalty.

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