About us

About us

Artica is expert in software for IT Operation: systems, networks and security. Founded in 2005, its software is distributed globally, with special emphasis in Japan, Western Europe and North America.

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We believe in and strive for innovation, that’s why we create our own solutions, instead of limiting ourselves to third party integrations. Starting from scratch and keeping an agile philosophy at heart, we’ve developed a variety of specialized software products for business use. Some examples are Pandora FMS, Integria IMS and eHorus.

Our goal

At Artica PFMS we work to offer innovative products that adapt to the daily needs of our customers. Because of its innovative character, Artica PFMS is regarded as an R+D company by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism; and by the European Union thanks to its Eureka project. It’s also considered an SME (Small/Medium Enterprise) by the Spanish Ministry of Economy.

  • Proprietary solutions 80% 80%
  • Customized development 60% 60%
  • Third party integrations 50% 50%
  • Custom insertion 90% 90%

Our offices

Our headquarters are located in Madrid

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