10 ideas to achieve competitive differentiation

competitive differentation

Competitive differentiation is now possible with these 10 ideas

In a world in which a customer can choose from different options, knowing how to stand out from competitors is almost essential. But, bear in mind that you have to stand out (in a good way), otherwise, if you stand out in a bad way, you will probably get bad reputation. The good thing is that there are ways to achieve competitive differentiation without having to experiment with dodgy results such as dressing up as a giant chicken or dancing in the street in your birthday suit while holding a sign with your company’s logo.

If you want them to notice you, you must be able to surprise them and generate positive emotions. Here are some ideas on how to achieve this.

-Find different places to sell.

Have you ever seen paintings or lamps for sale in a coffee shop? Sometimes, some products are sold in the most unexpected places. Think of amazing places to sell your products and try to collaborate with other businesses. If you know the type of customer that usually visits these places, then, an interesting synergy may arise.


In certain products usually, the customers don’t fully use that product that has been sold to them. Think of a way of dividing the services or products that you offer, and offer better prices so that the customers are able to decide if they want to pay more for additional services.

-Find your own values.

What are the qualities that make your company stand out? Is your company a serious business? Do you know how to fulfil its commitments? Do you have a fun business that also offers a good service? Do you feel identified with certain moral or social values, such as ecology? Identify what are the positive qualities that define your company and pass this on to your clients. There are many ways to achieve this, from creating slogans to letting users know through commercial or customer service departments. But, remember to be honest, look for the values ​​that really define you.

-Let your customers try your products or services before buying them.

There are many ways to do this, either by offering your products ready for consumption, or by including them within a larger offer. Allowing your customers to try your products before buying them is a great way to show that your products are worth it and it also creates a link between the customer and your products. Nowadays, this is a technique that is used very often, and there is also a business model called freemium in which part of the product is offered for free to encourage customers to hire or buy additional services or products.

-Generate emotions in your customers.

Have you ever heard about emotional marketing? If you are able to emotionally link your customers with your company, then you will be one step ahead from competitors. There are many ways to achieve this, for example through advertising (I’m sure you remember that TV ad that almost made you cry). A very natural way to achieve this is through
professional but also human customer service.

-Specialise in your field.

It is probably one of the most useful ways to achieve competitive differentiation. Does your company organise events? What about organising themed events for example an event based on films? For each field, there are many ways to organise different things. In some sectors, in which competitors can be very strong and difficult, by specialising in your field, then you will be able to stand out.

– Become an expert.

This is the next level of specialisation. If you become an expert in your field, then you will be able to offer significant added value ​​that others cannot provide. Sometimes, there is a fine line between success and failure. What are you waiting for? Keep on learning.

-Your company should look different from the rest.

Another way to achieve competitive differentiation is by getting to know your competitors and their images and also what these images are trying to transmit. Maybe there are already too many companies offering a serious image in that field, and reckless might be needed. Or maybe the trend is the opposite and you need a business that conveys more professionalism. Study what is being used too much in terms of brand image in your field and take advantage of it by offering something different. Of course, be real and use your common sense. Turning a funeral company into a party with clowns might not be a good idea…

-Offer excellent customer service.

A lot of companies forget about their customers after selling their products. Be different from the other companies. Great customer service will not only make your customers stay loyal to you, but it will also be a factor that sets you apart from competitors and this means that customers will talk positively to their family, friends and acquaintances about your company.

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-Surprise your customers.

There are many ways to do this, and it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money (it’s up to you how much you want to spend…). Like sending a promotional gift along with their orders or a birthday card. The key is to give them more than expected. If you do, this will create great good feelings in your customers. If your surprise them every now and then, they will connect emotionally with your company.

These are just some ideas for you to stand out from competitors and to achieve competitive differentiation so that your clients know that you are not like the others, but I am pretty sure you have more ideas to stand out from the rest. Do you want to share these ideas with us? Have you already put these ideas into practice? You can leave your comments here below. Thank you very much!