Consumer trends that shape the market

consumer trends

Consumer trends that will shape the future of markets

The world changes and along with it our tastes, our behaviour and, of course, our way of buying.

Nowadays we have all kinds of technological tools that have transformed the way we work in the market. This is combined with the fast propagation of ideas and behaviours – especially through the Internet – which represent a real social revolution and create trends and new consumer habits.

But what specific practices have all these changes produced? In this article we are going to look at some of the consumer trends that are currently happening and will continue to be important in the future. Write this down!

– Technological consumption

It is the top product. Technology has become the norm during the important dates (Christmas, Black Friday, etc.) and is part of our daily life through all kinds of gadgets.

A few years ago only a handful of consumers used technologies such as the Internet or mobile phones, but today we find these technologies everywhere we look. Technology has invaded the markets and today’s developments promise to be just a foretaste of what we will soon experience. Internet of Things, virtual reality, robotics… Today we buy technology; tomorrow we will buy much more.

– The power of the consumer

The consumer has always been important, but now he is more important than ever. The Internet has allowed anyone to become a small – or a large – medium of communication. Thus, social networks or opinion websites are able to enhance the experiences of any client in order to share these with the world.

This is why companies have had to focus more on user satisfaction than ever before in the history of the market. Concepts such as “customer experience” show that the requirements for companies are greater than ever and the user is at the heart of it all.

– Collaborative economy

It is one of the biggest changes in the market in the last few years. Again, technology increases the number of options, and some of those that most appeal to consumers are those that allow them to become suppliers and share among themselves.

And while the collaborative stream is making its way, many companies are taking advantage of it. Websites and apps that put individuals in touch with each other are multiplying, and a new way of understanding business serves as a tool to create a new way of buying and sharing.

– Views of the past

Even if we live in the present, the consumer – perhaps because of the current whirlwind of change – does not forget the past.

Key times in our lives, such as childhood or teenage years, tie us to reality, they are a reference to which we hold on to in a world that is changing at an incredible pace. That is why nostalgia is also taking over the market.

And it is more relevant for the more active generations who enjoy greater purchasing power. Those who lived their childhood and their teenage years in the 1980s are in for a treat. “Retro” material merges with the present, offering products designed to satisfy their nostalgia.

– Health, ethics and Nature are present. (Another great one of these consumer trends)

This is another trend that has developed over the last few years and will continue to grow: people buy with their heads and hearts.

Organic, local or ethically produced products occupy a large volume in supermarkets that would have been unthinkable a few years ago. The consumer is concerned about his or her personal well-being, but also about the way in which production processes are carried out.

The market operators are aware of this and respond to these demands. From an increase in the supply of organic products to ethical measures, such as the sale of eggs from “happy hens” (those that have been raised free-range). Health care, ecology or ethics are particularly valued by some consumers and many companies take this into account.

– Personalized marketing

Market segmentation is becoming more and more accurate. As the possibilities of getting to know the user increase, so does the individualization of the contacts that companies establish with them.

Thus, personalized advertising based on our past interests is sent to our mobile phone or spontaneously displayed to us when we use the Internet. At the same time, the options for accessing products that are increasingly tailored to our tastes are increasing.

This has only just begun. Technologies such as Big Data or Artificial Intelligence will multiply the possibilities of personalization to new heights.

These are some of the consumer trends that are driving the markets today and promise to continue to be very strong in the near future. Can you think of what the next ones might be? Why don’t you share them with the readers of this blog? You can do this by leaving a message in the comment section at the end of this article.

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