How to motivate your employees at your contact center

Contact center; 9 ideas to motivate your team in your contact center

Working in a contact center is not easy. Dealing with clients and intense working hours can generate high levels of stress and demotivation on workers in a job that, at times, may be repetitive and discouraging.

That is why, if your role consists on running a contact center, taking care of your team is one of your tasks. And, remember: your team is essential!

Are you not completely sure about how to proceed? Maybe we can help you out. In this article, we are going to see some simple ideas on how to motivate the staff of your contact center. Let’s begin!

– Support your team

Frequently, your team members will be forced to deal with difficult situations. Difficult clients or problems that exceed their experience can be stressful for them if they feel helpless and they do not have the support of someone with more experience.

In these kinds of situations, supporting your team will be a key point. Make them feel confident enough to come to you when they are faced with situations that they cannot solve. Not only will they work more at ease, but the quality level of the service will improve and, little by little, they will acquire the necessary knowledge to be able to solve more problems on their own.

– Include your employees in the company’s goals

Feeling isolated is not usually anyone’s cup of tea. Frequently, contact center teams (or particularly one of its members) may feel detached from the rest of the company, as if they were not part of it.

Avoiding isolation may be more important than what it seems. Talking to your team members, making them understand the importance of their work and making them participate in the company’s success may be a good way to make them understand the importance of what they do every day.

– Talk to them

People are not machines. We all have hopes, ideas of our own, and even some of them (oh, what a surprise!) may be about work improvements.

Making sure that your employees feel like they are part of a whole at your company is necessary, but it is not the only action you should take. Furthermore, within each department, each member should feel that they have ways to express their concerns and that these are taken into account.

By means of talking to your employees you will get two benefits: on the one hand, you will increase their motivation and on the other hand, you will get some good ideas to improve your services. Do you need more reasons to be a little more open-minded?

– Congratulate them for their well-done job

When communicating with your team, this will be one of the most important messages.

This does not mean flattering everybody constantly, but being fair and knowing how to recognize their good job. If you find it hard to say the right words, use a plunger, but say them! You will make your team feel good and they will feel more motivated to continue doing their job well.

– Offer promotion possibilities

Although there might be some people who feel very comfortable doing the same tasks for years, there might be others to whom that perspective may sound depressing.

This is not about forcing anyone, but it is about providing both options. Offering opportunities to grow within your enterprise will be very suggestive for some of your team members, and it will make them work with greater enthusiasm.

– Offer incentives

Motivation regarding the psychological level is essential, but you should not forget other important aspects regarding the motivational level, such as material incentives.

Because everybody likes to get a material recognition for their good job. A fair incentive system will keep your team active and more interested in their work. Free days, trips, extra paychecks or bonuses… look for a way that you consider appropriate and reward their good job. You will see how things improve!

– Promote a good work environment

It is another important aspect of your work. If you lead a team, you should try to make them enjoy a good atmosphere.

There are so many ways to do it that the subject would be worth an article of its own. In fact, this is the article! Here you can find some good ideas. And remember that there is nothing that motivates anyone more to go to work than knowing that they will find a pleasant environment when they get to work. What are you waiting for to promote it?

– Do not forget about taking breaks

They might not only be mandatory by law, but they also increase productivity and motivation.

Because it is not the same facing work if it involved pushing a huge rock uphill than doing it knowing that you will be able to take a break when you need it. Let your employees work at a reasonable pace and they will carry out their tasks much better.

– Give your team the right tools

Do you think that a carpenter would feel motivated at work if he were forced to work with a hammer made of rubber? Then, why do not you give your team the right tools?

Working without the appropriate tools may be exasperating for anyone. Because, generally speaking, we all like to do our job well, and not being able to do it because of lack of resources is very frustrating.

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