11 ways to achieve a customer experience improvement

customer experience improvement

Achieve a customer experience improvement; Discover 11 ideas in order to accomplish this.

Now that we are clear about what customer experience improvement is. It is very interesting to know what you can do in order to improve the experiences that your users experience when they establish any kind of contact with your business.

Keep in mind that the customer experience is a unique process that will depend on both the environment where you work and the personality of each client. However, there are some general guidelines that can help you so that you get some positive experiences related to your company from your users.

Make things easier for your customers.

Do you have a website where is very difficult to find the price of the products you have for sale or the cost of shipping? Is there no way to contact your customer service because you receive up to 2,000 calls daily and you only have one person answering the phone? Does your corner shop lacks air conditioning and in summer it looks like an oven? Do not make things so difficult for your users. Let them come to you without going through any trouble, make dealing with your company be a comfortable and pleasant experience.

Be polite and have a positive attitude.

In addition to installing air conditioning for your customers you must give them (both) a good deal and welcome them with an optimistic attitude. If they come to you with a problem, you will see how their face changes, as they know that you are on their side and you are willing to help them.

Get to know your users.

We already know that every person is unique and different and that is what makes us more interesting. A business that does not know its customers is a “blind” business, and you should not go around the business world like this.

In order to know your customers better and store valuable data (either data of contact or data of customer preferences) for example – there are multiple techniques; satisfaction surveys, programs that analyse the traffic of your web page, CRM software, etc. You decide which ones will fit your business better. Of course, the more you use, the better you will know what your users need.

If your business requires it, do establish a customer service.

A well-structured customer service equipped with appropriate technological means can do a lot for your company. If you have a simple corner shop, you probably do not need it, but if your business has a continuous flow of inquiries and incidents, you should seriously consider creating a good customer experience improvement.

A good customer service will not only improve the customer experience, creating a good customer experience improvement, but will allow you to know your clients much better and anticipate incidents. Get your customers’ problems quickly and smoothly solved, in order to win customers for life, and even great promoters for your business. Think about it.

Give them personalized service.

Once you know more or less how your users are, it is a very good thing to take care of them individually. We are not only talking about addressing them by name but getting to know how you can help them, and even offering unique solutions when possible.

Be clear about what you are going to offer …

We already know that certain types of products or services require the user to have technical knowledge to understand how they work or what they are, but others are much simpler to explain. To describe what lies behind what you sell, use language as clear as possible. And do not complicate things that are not complicated. There is no need to sell Chinese toys as if they were components for NASA projects.

… and be honest.

You need to be clear when explaining how your products work; this should go hand in hand with honesty. If you do not give what you promise, it is very likely that your client will end up very, very angry with you.

Take care of every detail.

Please, if you are going to go around distributing promotional leaflets from your travel agency, do check that all the words are spelled correctly, if you make a spelling mistake like writing the word ‘’Holidays’’ without the letter H, it will not look good and you will probably not sell anything. In any kind of relationship that you have with your contact, you must take care of even the smallest element; the image of your brand is at stake. Do you really want those promotional leaflets to reach social networks?

Promote “customer culture” among your employees.

Try to get your people into the shoes of your customers. What kind of response would you like to receive if you were the client? Try to have an excellent customer service philosophy throughout your company and your users will be happier.

Have a good CRM.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a type of customer-focused business management. The term also refers to software capable of helping you with this task. If you have a good CRM, you will be closer to making a more satisfactory experience for your customers.

Design a plan tailored to your business.

We did warn you at the beginning of this article. Remember that although the above lines are a few general ideas, you must learn to create a good customer experience improvement within the business where you work. Obviously, the experiences of a customer in a multinational telephone company are not the same as in a pet store.

Remember that from the advertising of your company and the improvement or post-sale tracking, to the time of purchase or use, all are occasions in which customer experiences are generated, so try to take care of them as best as possible. Establish the user’s “contact points” with your company, analyse how you could improve those said moments, and outline a plan to achieve this.

Finally, you should know that there is software that can help you have a good customer experience improvement and a great customer experience for your company. If you want to know what Integria IMS can offer you, click this link.