How to improve the customer service department of a company

customer service department

Customer service department; Learn how to improve its operation

The customer service department is usually ignored in some companies. It is a service that “does not generate money” for the company (although this might not be true); customer service is sometimes perceived as a nuisance.

However, when it comes to the success of many companies, all of them have in common a good customer service department. An agile and effective customer service keeps the customers happy and it is great indirect advertising for the company. The goal is to ensure that your customers talk to their friends and family about their experience with your company

However, offering a quality customer service is not a simple task, and includes providing the department with the appropriate tools to carry out the task effectively.

In this article we will not go through the classic tips to improve customer service, because we have already talked about this on other occasions. However, we are going to see some ideas in order to improve the functioning of a customer service department, and to help the company and the members of this department. Okay, so here we go!

Training is quite important!

When it comes to customer service, you will often find this advice: train your staff. And it’s true, it’s a great advice, so bear that in mind.

It is not just about offering basic training or setting guidelines for dealing with customers, but also about training the staff about the company, the products and services offered.

With good knowledge, a large part of the queries received in this department will be attended by the agents themselves, so the service will improve its agility and efficiency. And in addition to this, the company image transmitted will be much more professional.

How will we achieve this? Obviously, providing good training is essential, especially at the beginning, but don’t forget to continuously update the knowledge of your people. For example, if there are changes in the services of the company, those people who work in customer service should know about it. Otherwise, get ready!

You need to have professional people by your side, and make sure you value your team!

Customer service is not easy; we know that. Sometimes due to a high volume of work, sometimes due to irritated customers, sometimes due to poor organization … The truth is that, sometimes the members of the department will have to look for all their professional resources and they will need to be calm in order to carry out their work without going crazy.

Having the right professionals by your side is a must and especially when it comes to the customer service department. Both the agents and the supervisor must have, both personal and professional qualities to carry out their work effectively in addition to the necessary training.

And this is also important: when you have that professional team by your side, don’t forget to take good care of it! With a fair salary, a good environment and good working conditions so that they have the commitment and desire to stay in your company for a long time, this is more valuable than you might think.

Organise your service properly

No fixed guidelines can be set when structuring a customer service department. The operation of the customer service department in a large company which receives hundreds of contacts every day is not the same as that of a SME, as the amount of contacts will not be the same .

So, you need to think carefully about the organization of the service. Think about questions like these: How long will it take to solve incidents? Do those queries reach the right people? Does the service have the human and material resources in order for the people to carry out their work properly?

These are just some examples. Another clue: talk to the people from customer service. They will know all about the state of the department.

Provide your team with the right tools

Do your people work in a dark and narrow noisy office with only a telephone, a computer and an Excel?

We are pretty sure that you can do things much better. First, the work environment must be good; comfortable, healthy and pleasant. Second, your team must have the tools needed including technology.

Nowadays, everyone should have the means to carry out the work properly. Lucky for you, in order to improve the functioning of a customer service department you have some technological tools that can helpful.

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