6 customer service fails that you must avoid

customer service fails

Customer service fails. Find out how to avoid them!

We all make mistakes. And it’s okay, we’re human.

When dealing with the tricky business of customer service, the importance of mistakes is increased. An error in customer service can result in a loss of one of our clients, and if these customer service fails are not solved properly this can lead to the loss of many clients.

With this knowledge, what can we do to avoid customer service fails? Well, first of all, you have to learn about them! If you don’t know where to look in order to identify them, how are you going to solve them? In this article we will look at some of the most frequent customer service fails.

– Not being accessible

Is it harder to find your customer service contact than to find a unicorn? Do you hide your email or your phone in the depths of your website? Do you even have one? Why are you hiding from your customers this way?

The ostrich effect is not okay when it comes to providing service to the users of a company. In a world of multi-channel customer service, hiding from customers is unacceptable, so if you have your head buried in the sand, think about getting it out and face your responsibilities.

– Keeping customers waiting

This is something you need to be aware of when planning and supervising your service; remember that clients are people who have their own lives, their own jobs, their own obligations and often a rather low limit when it comes to patience.

When someone gets in touch with the Customer Service Department, he or she may be nervous. They have a problem and they want a solution. That’s why the first thing they expect is a quick first contact. So they want their problems fixed in a quick way.

Are you unable to offer them a speedy response? There are not too many excuses for this. It might be due to a lack of qualified personnel, or it might be due to a chaotic service, or the lack of the right tools. Regardless of the problem, stop it and fix it, otherwise you will have many problems with your customers.

– Disrespecting users

When we talk about lack of respect, we are not talking about obvious things that must also be avoided, such as insults or verbal abuse.

There are many forms of disrespect, sometimes gentle but equally painful and unacceptable. Inappropriate jokes, lack of respect when communicating, treating the client as if he or she were a fool…

In most cases it will be a matter of lack of manners or lack of professionalism. Supervise your team properly and correct these types of inappropriate attitudes as soon as they arise. Your clients deserve respect, don’t you think?

– Wasting time on excuses

Your customers don’t want to hear excuses, they need a solution!

Excuses sound fake, boring, and convey a bad image and are not very useful. No one is interested to hear that his or her order has not arrived because the person in charge of managing the order had a problem with his or her pet and had to rush out to take care of it. If necessary, apologize – which is different from making excuses – and start working to solve the problem. It will be much more effective and will help your clients so forget all those excuses.

– Ignoring your customers’ complaints

Do you take complaints personally? Don’t you realize that these are an opportunity?

Detecting mistakes in a company is not always easy, and it will often take time and effort. And you have clients who are making you see flaws in your business, and are you ignoring them?

Complaints are not just something you need to solve – and you’ ll lose customers if you fail to do so – they provide useful information on some aspects of your business which are not working properly. Remember, smart people use criticism to get better.

– Not providing your team with the right tools

Is Excel and a post-it block the most advanced technology available on your computer? What a pity! Why are you so surprised when things don’t work out?

Cheap things end up being expensive, and by leaving your people without the necessary tools to work, this will cause a lot of negative effects. On the one hand, it will disrupt the entire operation of the service and will negatively affect customers; on the other hand, it will create unbearable stress on employees, making their work unbearable.

And so far we have observed 6 customer service fails that can be quite harmful to your company. Do you want to see more interesting things out there?

As we have already mentioned, one of the key factors for good customer service is to ensure that your team has the right tools to work effectively. Luckily, we live in the 21st century, IT is everywhere, and today we already have some software that can also help with customer service for companies or organizations.

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