How to improve the department store management

department store management

Department store management. How to improve this with Integria IMS

If you are in charge of the department store management, we are pretty sure you know all about this. Any type of incident can arise in the daily life of a department store. Loads of customers, loads of things, and any type of problems … If the department store management is not right, chaos may arise.

Do you use Excel and the little notepad that your aunt Mary gave you last Christmas? You can keep that notepad as a souvenir (don’t worry, your aunt will not get upset about it). Lucky for you, there are more complete tools that can help you in your day-to-day department store management.

Integria IMS is help desk software that has an incident management system (ticketing tool) and an inventory, among other features.

In this article we are going to have a look at some fake examples of how a tool like Integria IMS could help you on your daily department store management. Let’s start!

Example 1:

Ms. Paquita, one of your best customers, who visits your store every day and spends hundreds of euros each month on hats and tulles, has shown up a bit angry. This is the third time she has complained about the bad condition of the dressing rooms (there is a broken mirror), and nobody has done anything to fix it! You are about to lose a lifelong customer, who is also a popular influencer on Instagram (she has more than 100,000 followers of her profile “Paquita’s Pamelas & Tules Fashion Profile”). Are you going to let this happen? Are you sure you want to say goodbye to this great customer?

The problem is that when Ms. Paquita informed about the state of the dressing rooms, your people had to deal with it by leaving a written note to the person in charge of the maintenance, but then no one ever heard of it again.

It could have been managed much better using an incident management system based on tickets. With software like Integria IMS it is very easy to track all incidents for the department store management.

If, for example, you receive a complaint like Ms. Paquita’s, the person who receives this, will be able to open a ticket in Integria IMS, stating what the problem is. Automatically, a warning of the opening of the ticket will arrive by email to the right people who will resolve it (for example, the person in charge of maintenance). In the same ticket, the participants may carry out various actions, such as attaching photos -for example, of the state in which the broken mirror was found and how it was left after the repair- or they include all kinds of observations, such as the time spent or the cost of repair, etc.

An incident management system such as Integria IMS can help you have better control of the incidents that are generated in your department stores, which will mean better customer service. Or are you going to let Ms. Paquita go? Keep in mind that there are competitors out there.

Example 2:

How come there is one labelling machine if you believe that you bought 5 last year? And what is happening with computers? Why aren’t they working properly?

It seems that you have a certain lack of control over things in your workplace. It is not uncommon, considering that you do not have any tool to know what you have at any time in your department stores.

Do not worry, Integria IMS has an inventory that can help you control the ups and downs in a simple and intuitive way.

In addition to this, Integria IMS can give you some additional advantages different from those of a basic inventory, such as the possibility of associating incidents with the objects that are part of it. Imagine, for example, that one of your computers has broken down 4 times in recent months, so you have opened 4 tickets for incidents -one for failure- to record this, associating them with the computer, which is part of the inventory.

Being able to check all the incidents that the computer has suffered during the last months will provide you with valuable information that can help you make decisions with economic content, such as replacing it with a new one (or not). Better organisation and more knowledge will make your management better. And you know what they say better management means more savings.

Example 3:

Your department stores work well, but you want them to work even better. That’s why you like it when the people who are part of your team propose new ideas to improve. The problem is that until now you guys usually do it out loud, and the proposals usually get lost in time and end up forgotten. In addition, some members of your staff may find it uncomfortable to go into your office to deal with this type of issues.

Integria IMS can also help you with this. It is as simple as opening a ticket with each proposal. The right people can make all kinds of observations on the ticket, which will help you make better decisions. Also, if for example you decide to carry out a change, you will be able to include the observations about how it worked in the ticket, which will help when checking the evolution of the measures implemented.

With Integria IMS you will be able to improve internal communication in your department stores, which will also have an impact on their better functioning.

These are some examples of how software like Integria IMS can help in the department store management, but I’m sure that you, who work in one of them, can think of many more ideas about how it could help you. In addition to this, Integria IMS has other very interesting features, such as a project management system or a vacation manager that can help you organize your staff’s vacations.

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