5 ideas to improve the user experience of an eCommerce

ecommerce user experience

User experience (ux) in e-commerce; 5 ideas to improve it

The e-commerce is not a fad. With an annual growth of around 15% and a demand of 50% of the population, we can no longer ignore that it’s a part of the purchasing habits of millions of users. Haven’t you see all those people who walk through the street staring at their phones, colliding with lampposts? That’s because some of those people are actually buying things online…

And at the same time as the number of users of e-commerce grows, so does the offer. Dozens of online shops ‘open their doors’ every day hoping to get a piece of the cake on a market with a huge competence in which the user experience (ux) is a key factor.

How to improve it? If you want your online store to thrive it will be necessary that the experience of buying from it is pleasant and satisfactory. Otherwise, your clients will run away quickly to greener pastures….

In this article, we are going to see some ideas to improve the user experience of an online store. Please, come in!

Be careful with usability

Have you taken your time to think about it? Well, you should! Some online stores focus greatly on design and originality, while they forget about making the experience to browse it simple and pleasant.

With this, we aren’t trying to say that design it’s not important and can’t be a defining factor, but it shouldn’t be so by, on the other hand, destroying the usability of the website. The simple and familiar formulas are usually used by the most successful websites from the e-commerce sector, and that’s because they are extremely effective. Also, keep in mind other important factors, as the loading time. Or do you want us to grow a beard while we wait to buy your omelete-flavoured chewing gums?

Create excellent product description pages

This point is related to the web usability, which contributes, up to a great extent, to make the purchasing experience more enjoyable.

Well-shot pictures from several angles, amazing presentation, a list with all the specs, necessary explanations (measures, sizes, colors, etc.) and the price clearly indicated and easily visible; are the basics to achieve fantastic product description pages. As in many other situations, use your empathy. Think of what is what you’d like to find if you were looking for a certain product, how you’d like to see it displayed, and offer that to your clients.

Facilitate the purchase

You have already got your clients browsing happily through your online store, you have shown them in an attractive way the products you’re selling, and now that it comes the time to pay, you have been overconfident. Don’t you know that a huge number of withdrawals from buying on online store comes in this exact step!

Make it easy for them! And to do so, do what your client expects from you. If the great majority of e-commerces place the cart icon on the upper right corner of the website, then there is where you’re going to place yours as is there where the client expects it to be.

If all of the other online stores offer easy and fast ways to pay, don’t overcomplicate it by asking for unnecessary data. And if you can give several paying methods and different delivery options, do it. The easier you can make the paying and delivery process, the better.

Offer free shipping

Think about this. If you sell bowties for chihuahuas, the product may be too inexpensive for free shipping to be actually worthwhile. But if you sell more expensive products or you sell them in a package, it’s possible that the profit margin is enough to offer free shipping.

Another option you have, which it’s quite common, is to agree to give it as long as a minimum quantity is reached. Either way, if you decide to offer it, state it clearly to your clients so they know the advantages that you’re providing to them.

Give an excellent customer service

On an online store is not all about the purchases, you must also know that by offering a superb customer service you’re also standing out.

In fact, is one of the defining factors for clients to come back or not to our online store. If you think customer service is important for a physical store, for an ecommerce is crucial. Keep in mind that in e-commerce, the client’s trust doesn’t work in the same way as it does in the traditional commerce, due to the lack of a physical contact with the store or the seller. If throughout your customer service you can prove to your customers that your business is trustworthy and you’re able to answer for the incidences that may happen, your client’s trust will grow and their loyalty, as well as your store’s reputation will increase.

Providing an excellent customer service is a complex matter that we’ve tackled in this same blog many times already. The main idea is to remind to clearly show the ways to contact you, and offer as many as you can keep properly working (phone number, email, etc.).

Those were our 5 ideas to improve the user experience (ux) of your e-commerce. Would you like to know something else?

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