5 tips for providing good customer service

good customer service

Good customer service. Learn all about it with these 5 great tips

New companies are being created as we speak. There are more and more products and services. Consumers nowadays have loads of options to choose from and there is an increasingly wider ocean of opinions, which are reflected, in social networks or blogs. A lot of people consider these opinions when buying things on the Internet.

Today, good customer service is more important than ever for any type of business. Any experience – good or bad – can be reflected on the Internet, and it could even become viral which could end up seriously affecting your company. Is this sending you shivers down your spine? It’s quite unlikely, because no one actually feels this type of things (I mean, if you actually feel like this, maybe you should consider going to the doctors), but we are pretty sure that you understood what we mean by this.

However, do not panic! If you do things right, good of customer service will work out for you. If you provide good customer service, then it’s quite likely that your customers will be on your side for a longer time. Even social networks might become a great source for new customers. How will you achieve this? Let’s take simplicity as a key feature and let’s focus on the most basic concepts. Let’s have a look at some tips in order for you to provide good customer service.

This is a basic feature when talking about good customer service, and it has a lot to do with the idea that the customer is not just money, but a human being.

Empathy is the quality of the people that are able to put themselves in somebody else’s shoes. Yourself, if you were a customer and if you got in touch with customer service, would you like to be treated politely? I’m pretty sure you’d like that, and would you like to be treated as if you were a robot?. I’m sure you wouldn’t. I’m pretty sure that you would like to be listened to and to be taken care of. Would you like to be waiting 30 minutes for an answer while the xylophone version of the Seventh Symphony is on repeat, over and over again in your headset? I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t like that.

Empathy must be present throughout the process of good customer service. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes and it will be easier for you to understand and solve their problems.

When it comes to good customer service, the concept of kindness encompasses many things. It has a lot to do with the words that are being used, but also with the tone of your voice. It also has a lot to do with the attitude that is being transmitted (remember, it should always be positive!), And also with that willingness to put yourself in the client’s shoes. It is not always easy to maintain kindness. Sometimes we will come across hostile or not very polite clients, or we might be dealing with them after a long day of work; Keep being kind also in these situations, this is quite necessary and it is also very professional.

-Show diligence.
Watch out! If you think we are talking about a horse-drawn carriage, then you may be a little confused … Diligence is somehow a forgotten term in good customer service, but it is actually quite relevant. When a person gets in touch with customer service, then this happens because they have a problem and you should solve it. The ability to be empathetic and friendly with that person is a basic feature in order to have the situation under control, reassure the client and give a good image of the company, but we cannot forget that the person who has contacted us, not only he or she expects good words from you, but they also want to see some action. And they also want their problems to be solved fast, so don’t mess around and get to work!

-Be professional
If you are professional, then this will be one of the key factors to determine the success or failure of customer service. In order to achieve this, your people must have some of the qualities that we have mentioned earlier (empathy, kindness, diligence) and others, such as proper training. But not only they must be professional when working but you, as a businessman or manager, should also be professional and you should provide them with the necessary tools so that they can perform their tasks properly, this leads us to the next essential tip.

Does your team still use sheet papers to record the incidents? Are you still using carrier pigeons? Is papyrus your favourite tool to work? Unless you have a small customer service activity, it is very likely that your team needs some great technology so that they can do their job properly.

We live in the 21st Century. Throughout history, some particularly intelligent and hardworking humans have racked their brains to create all kinds of gadgets which are capable of making simpler and more productive activities such as hunting mammoths, transporting food products or even trips to the Moon.

Following such an illustrious tradition of technological development, during the last decades an activity called “computer science” has become quite trendy. If you are reading this, I’m pretty sure that this sounds familiar to you. And for that very reason you will also suppose that it does not make sense to abandon that intelligent tradition of trying to make things simpler, more efficient and more comfortable in order to make the work of your team easier. Please, let us show you: Integria IMS.

Integria IMS is software that, among other features, has a ticket-based incident management system (help desk), which can be very helpful in order to provide good customer service. In addition to this, it also has other very interesting features, such as an inventory, a project management system or a vacation manager, among others.

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We will be happy to help you. Thank you very much!