4 basic measures to provide a good customer service

Good service customer support ; 4 steps to achieve this

Do you own a company? All right.

Okay, you don’t have a company, but do you work in a company? Good.

Are you interested in improving customer service in your company? Cool!

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Good service customer support is key for any company. There’s more and more competition, and customers have now better tools. Also, bear in mind that they have social media and opinion pages at their disposal to share their experiences -both positive and negative-, so you better treat them properly.

Providing good customer service is not always easy, especially when the workload is very high. Fortunately, there are some criteria that can help you focus on such a hard and necessary task. Let’s see some of them.

4 basic steps for good service customer support

– Give them the attention they deserve

Without interest, without enthusiasm, everything is much more difficult.

Offering good service customer support means being clear about its importance and putting it into practice. If you want to reach a high level, you will not be able to do so with disinterest, without dedicating the necessary time and without making even a minimal investment.

As we have already mentioned, customer service is key for any company today, and it offers an economic return that is sometimes “invisible” but still real. So don’t forget its importance, let the philosophy of customer service imbue your entire business and bear in mind how important good service customer support is .

– Have a professional and well trained team

As a consequence, in order to do things well you will need people trained to do their job properly.

Human beings are still a key part of any company, and in customer service you can tell the difference between a professional and well-trained person and a person who is not.

Imagine that you call the customer service of an online music store because the mixing console you bought for your cat does not work properly.

At that moment, you get an answer from a person with evident haste and reluctance, and he says that he doesn’t know how this type of mixing console works and tells you to write an email describing the problem.

Although it bothers you a lot to have to do this, you follow their instructions and write an extensive email explaining the situation clearly.

Two days later, when you were getting impatient, you get a reply (which comes from the same person who told you to send an email), advising you to make a phone call.

At the moment you do it, and the same person, with the same reluctance and ignorance, tells you that your email has arrived, but that you should write a new one explaining the problem better…

Don’t you think it’s a joke? Would you ever trust that business again? Would you recommend it to your friends and family? So don’t make your customers go through a similar experience….

– Think carefully about how to organize the service

You’ve taken the first steps and now you have a good team. Do you think that’s the end of it?

Think of football teams, for example. They can have the best players, but if they don’t have good tactical organisation they will lose one game after another.

Your people need good leadership and a clear understanding of what they need to do at all times – are they trained to answer a technical question? If they are not, do they know what the procedure is and who to contact? Is there a person in charge or a person to consult if in doubt?, these are some of the questions that you should not only ask yourself, but that you should answer clearly. So if you haven’t already, you can get to work!

– Provide the service with the appropriate means

You have no choice. If you want to offer a good service and the needs demand it, you must have the appropriate means.

Because providing customer service to a large number of incidents with the only help of an aged and greasy notebook is not the best way to do it.

The lack of adequate tools can cause more harm than you can imagine. It will affect the quality of the service, with all that this entails (loss of customers, bad image, etc.), it will increase the level of stress of your people and you will also lack some useful tools to improve the service.

On the contrary, having them can help you to improve with all of the above; it will increase the quality of the service, and therefore the satisfaction of the users, it will allow your team to work with less frustration and you will have some tools that will allow you to evaluate the convenience of introducing changes.

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