Help desk software: Get to know the help desks and the advantages of implementing it in your enterprise

help desk software

Help desk software: Discover the advantages of implementing it in your enterprise

Surely you know what help desk software is and if you are not yet clear, we invite you to read this article in which we will discuss the main advantages of help desk software so it will be easier for you to find out if you need to implement it in your enterprise.

So let’s start at the beginning, are you still not clear about what “help desk” means? Do not worry, do not blush. No one is born knowing everything (not even us) and we are here to lend you a hand. First let’s define “help desks” and then we’ll look at some of the many advantages that help desk software can have in your enterprise. Here we go!

The term Help Desk refers to a set of resources, both technological and human, which an enterprise has in order to manage and solve incidents raised by clients or by the workers themselves.

There are multiple ways to establish help desk support; from telephone numbers for customer services to web pages with information on more frequent problems, as well as a simple email address to solve incidents. Its most common use – although not the only one – is the provision of technical support services.

Depending on the needs of your company, it may or may not be necessary to go beyond an email address or a phone number for customer service when it comes to solving any incidents that may arise. If in your daily life a significant number of incidents emerges whether derived from clients, or internally – you should value the idea of ​​implementing software that can help you with its management.

If that is your case, equipping your enterprise with help desk software can offer you very significant advantages. Do you want to know some of them? Keep reading.

– Your customer service will be faster and more efficient.

Help desk software can make solving incidents much more dynamic and effective. A good incident tracking system, for example organised by tickets, will improve the communication between the customer service department and the technicians responsible for solving these incidents, and between the technicians, who will have key data such as the state of the incidence and the time spent since the system was opened.

– It improves the distribution of work.

A help desk software will allow you to assign the resolution of each problem to the best trained technician or group of technicians so that they can solve it. In addition to speeding up problem solving, this organised distribution of work will allow you to share tasks more effectively, which brings us to the next point.

– Improves the productivity of the company.

A more effective incident management system will directly affect the productivity of your workers. Not only will they be able to solve the incidents with greater speed and diligence, but the time saved will save them work so that they can devote to other tasks.

– Avoid loss of knowledge.

Remember Paco, the engineer who managed to solve that problem that was a huge headache for a whole weekend? That same problem has been presented again with another user, so better get to call him. What? Paco went to live in a cabin in the Fiji Islands and you have no idea how he got out of that mess?

It is possible that not even a help desk software will be able to replace the famous Paco, but it could leave a record of what was the problem he solved and how he managed to do so. Stop looking in the phone book of Fiji, there are other solutions much more viable…

– You will be better able to solve problems before they occur.

Having a database of incidents that occurred in the past and how they were solved is a valuable source of information to avoid recurring problems. Does the same incidence repeat periodically? It is easier to detect it with help desk software than keeping the claims in an endless row of cardboard files. Once you have located recurring incidences over and over again, you just have to get down to work to try to solve them before they happen. If you manage to do this, you could save a lot of time. And you know that time is gold…

– Your staff will have better working conditions.

Going through a sea of ​​post-its, emails and calls that are repeated over and over again is not the best way to reduce stress at work. Do not torture your employees by anchoring them with tools of the Industrial Revolution. Help desk software can help you structure the work of your people better and make them a little happier, which will benefit your business.

– Your people will be able to transmit knowledge about the problems that are detected.

Remember that help desk software is not only designed to handle incidents of customers, but can also be used to record and solve all kinds of incidents that your employees detect in the operation of the company. A helpdesk software encourages the participation of your workers and is much more effective and hygienic than that board of suggestions that you hung in 1996 and nobody has used.

– The customer will be more satisfied.

In addition, all the improvements we talked about will not only result in the operation of your business, but will be perceived by your customers, who will see their problems solved in a much faster and more efficient way.

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