How an incident management system can improve hotel customer service

hotel customer service

Hotel customer service, discover a good incident management system

Do you own a hotel or a hotel chain? If so, we are sure that you know that customer satisfaction comes first. Among all the types of business that exist out there, the future of a hotel is affected by the experience of their customers. If clients are happy after staying at a hotel then they will review it online, but also publicity and positive or negative opinions can be spread by word of mouth. Customer service especially in the hotel business is essential for the future of this business.

To improve hotel customer service, there are some basic and also some specific ideas. We are going to go through some basic ideas, and especially we will dig deeper into the idea of: the implementation of an incident management system.

Some ideas to improve hotel customer service:

Offer excellent hotel customer service

We are pretty sure that you already offer great hotel customer service, but that service and treatment that you provide must be outstanding. Your staff must always be willing to address each complaint or need as quickly as possible. We will go through this later on but an incident management system can help you accomplish this task more effectively and solve problems before they even arise.

Appearance is quite important

It must be nice and cosy. The client should feel at ease, and should not feel overwhelmed by excessive decoration. If possible, nature could be a great part of your business, let it inside; plants or a small fountain, are very pleasant and could create a great and chilled environment.

Provide a great variety of foods

The quality of beverages and food served in hotels is a key factor, which is very important nowadays when assessing satisfaction with the service provided. Some products, such as organic products and local products, are especially valued.

Use technology

There is basic technology that you should provide, such as Wi-Fi for customers, but you should also provide your workers with tools so that they are able to do their jobs properly, technology opens up a world of possibilities for you to improve hotel customer service. You just need to use them.

Improve hotel customer service with an incident management system:

In addition to some basic ideas, such as the ones we’ve just mentioned, there are other ways to improve the experience of your customers that you may not have thought about. One of them is through an incident management system based on tickets.

With this tool, the client is able to create an incident through a “ticket”, which is then incorporated into the system. This ticket is then passed on to the right people, for example to those in charge that are able to solve it (or to yourself if you want to have access to it). All of them can check the incident state (if it’s open, assigned, closed, etc.) and they are able to leave messages to inform about the actions to be carried out in order to solve it, or provide ideas to solve it, etc.

What does this have to do with the day-to-day hotel life? We are pretty sure that you’re already getting an idea, but let’s see some examples of how it could be used in this establishment.

Let’s say that one of your clients has a problem with the shower in his room. The customer then complains at reception, and the receptionist opens an incident on the system. The ticket with the incident -which may contain all kinds of useful information, such as room, type of breakdown, repairman, etc.- is then passed on to the right person in charge of maintenance, who immediately goes to the place to carry out the repair. Once the incident has been solved, it is then registered on the ticket, which informs about useful questions, such as time spent and material that was used, or some ways to avoid this type of faults in the future.

Let’s have a look at another example. Let’s say that one of your clients wants to make a suggestion about the operation of the hotel. This could be done by integrating it into the incident management system. This way, the suggestion of your client will be registered, and it will reach the right people so that they can take measures and they will also be able to carry out some modifications if desired.
Wait; let’s have a look at another example. Imagine that one of your employees detects something that is not working well, or that could be improved. Or even some part of the hotel that is not in good condition. Then, you only have to open a ticket on the system with your suggestion or warning, which will be registered for your team. A good incident management system not only helps customer service, but also can greatly improve the internal communication of your hotel.

These are just some examples of how an incident management system can help you solve problems and improve the service, but we are pretty sure that you, if you work in hotel environment, know the day-to-day problems of your hotel or hotel chain. An incident management system will not only help you solve the problems more effectively or improve the functioning of the hotel, but it will allow you to conduct a better follow-up of all those aspects, which will mean better control and will also mean that things within your business are being done properly just as your customers deserve.

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