How to attract clients by asking them what they want

how to attract customers

How to attract customers; find out some great tips to achieve this

Do you own a company? Do you work in one? Perhaps, do you work in the sales department? Or maybe, do you take care of customer service? Okay, we will stop the gossiping right now! We don’t want you to feel overwhelmed with a lot of questions.

If your work is about, directly or indirectly, selling products or services, we are pretty sure that at some point you have asked yourself how to attract customers. Making a sale is becoming more difficult nowadays. Consumers have access to a great number of offers and information that, in many cases, they get lost in a wide range of ​​options that make it difficult for them to make their purchase decision.

But these difficulties can also be an opportunity to make a sale. The customer will appreciate it if you know how to guide and offer them what they really need. To achieve this, there are some questions you can ask them which will help you to know what their needs are and what your company can offer to satisfy these needs. Let’s find out how to attract customers

-What can I do for you?

It is the most basic question. What do they want to achieve with the purchase? What is their lack that you want to fill? What is the goal they want to achieve? If you know what their real needs are, then you can offer the products or services that will give them the greatest satisfaction. This is, therefore, the most important question you can ask them and you should keep in mind their answer so that you can successfully solve their needs.

-What is most important to them when buying the product or service?

There are customers who think that the price is something quite essential. Others seek the highest possible quality. For others, the guarantee is the key factor, which will make them decide. Do you want the cheapest solution in the market? Do you mind paying a bit more for an exclusive item? Do you want a product that will last for the next 50 years? Getting to know what are the main factors when making a sale is a great way to find out which, among all the products you have available, will be closer to meet their needs.

-Are they someone else’s client? Why do they want to change?

It is quite common that a potential customer will approach your brand after having experimented with the products or services offered by your competitors, or they might even be a current customer of these competitors. Getting to know why this is happening and why they are changing from one company to another will be a good starting point for you to be able to tell them about the differential advantages that your products offer compared to those of your competitors.

-What do they expect from those companies?

In addition to knowing the customer’s needs regarding the product or service, it will be very positive to know what is expected regarding to the company. You need to bear in mind that, in many cases, the relationship with the client does not end when the sale ends, but it extends over time. For example, for some customers technical support or good customer service will be an essential factor that will make them opt for one or another offer. If this is a strong part of your business – which should be – it will be a good opportunity to let them know.

-When do you want to close the sale?

On many occasions, the time factor is essential. Depending on the type of product, the moment in which the sale is closed will be immediate or will be deferred in time. But, in any case, it will always be good to know which is the temporary space in which the client plans to make the purchase decision, otherwise it is likely that everything will remain in interest, good intentions … and nothing else.

-When do you want the product or service to be delivered to you?

Is the sale a project? Is it an order? Find out about the delivery dates of your potential client; this will be very valuable information to discover what you can offer and if your company can meet those deadlines. If you are fast and diligent it can also be a factor that will make them choose your company instead of the competitors.

-What do they like most about your company? How could you improve?

It is not all about getting new clients, but it is also about keeping the old ones. What do they like most about your products and services? How could you improve them? This type of questions will not only serve to obtain valuable information that will allow you to continue improving your company, but it will make the clients feel that their opinion is considered and important to you.

These are some answers and tips on how to attract customers and how to keep them for a longer period of time. Remember, that with kindness you will go further. And also remember that it is not just about getting new clients and afterwards forgetting about them, but customer service is a key element for any company. Did you know that getting a new client is between 5 and 10 times more difficult than keeping an old one?

In addition to this, if you want to learn how to attract customers then you must know that good customer service will drive away negative publicity and, it will also be the best possible presentation card for your company for friends, acquaintances and relatives of your current clients. Do you need more reasons to take care of this side of your business?

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