5 tips to improve work environment in your company

How to improve work environment: Some tips to help you

We can all agree that going to work is not like lying on the dunes of Varadero beach. It is often more like going down to a narrow mine for coal mining or getting run over animals off the road. I double-checked, there is such a job. Waking up in the morning is a pain in the ass, just because you have to go to a place where you don’t feel comfortable. Sometimes it’ s all about the night before, yeah, when you stayed up late. Other times, it’s all about work environment. For this reason, we are going to give you some tricks to find out how to improve work environment.

First of all, we should not be surprised to learn that the working environment is an idea, a concept, a thing’, which involves a large number of determining variables. In order to know how to improve the working environment you must be aware of this need. You want to enhance and optimize it.We can change the spirit of the office to make it more bearable”. I mean, you have to be aware of what you want and take an active position. Talk to company managers to explain how improving work environment will improve the company’s productivity. If reducing the stress in the office is not enough, then there is the fact that it will mean maximum efficiency in the Human Resources section, which will be part of the management of the issue and the development of working relationships, which, hopefully, will become ever closer and more harmonious.

In order to achieve our goals and targets, all employees must be involved, both in the work to improve the company’s environment and in the goals of the company. It is important to understand that it is not only the goals and results which are important, but also the way in which we achieve them. It is necessary to point out that the foundations of a company are partly made up of human values. Why? you may wonder. Because companies are mostly made up of people, even though we sometimes forget about them. And these humans need a certain motivation, an affordable work environment to make them productive and emotional winners.

How to improve work environment, 5 tips

1) Trust between managers or supervisors and the employee

There is nothing better than an environment of trust between the “bosses” and the ” employees ” in order to foster the work environment. For example, meetings between management and employees would be a great way for this. A fluent and useful feedback will create an environment of trust, where sincerity and transparency of superiors will be the main priority. Especially when addressing their employee teams with a full and consistent speech. There is no better way to communicate a company’s objectives so that everyone can assume their responsibility and demands on the journey towards the goal. This obviously requires good communication skills in order to deliver the information in a friendly way to avoid rumours and criticism. Everyone will feel a sense of trust if we are able to convey it, by believing in it.

2) A coffee machine to bring them all together

There is nothing better than coffee time to release the body and tension with a nice chat in front of the coffee maker. Unintentionally, you will make friends. If you get over the awkward moment of stirring with the spoon and asking about your colleague’s weekend, you’ll be one step closer to the perfect work environment.

I believe that these coffee machines, placed with the specific aim of creating a working environment, should provide employees with free coffee, as it is an essential tool for workers. “A happy worker, a bright worker.”

3) Office decoration

One of the reasons why no one wants to go down into the depths of the mines is because the walls have no art deco motive to justify it.

Seriously, the decoration in the physical spaces of your company has a real influence on the motivation and productivity of your employees. Paint the whole thing over. Tones such as red or orange will provide energy, but can be stressful. Colder shades, such as blue or green, are more relaxing. Combine them! And decorate wardrobes, chairs and walls with inspiring creativity.

4) To be heard

If you stop in the corridors for a moment you will be able to notice that in your company, situations of all kinds and types occur all the time that can provide a lot of information. Emails, comments, social networks, social forums, meetings… Everything sends you signals of your employees’ emotional state – why don’t you ask them yourself? It spreads a comfortable and sincere communication network in which no one has any trouble in delivering their message. Communication is key.

5) Activities outside the office

They’ re so happy when you take them on a trip! You don’t need signed authorizations or anything like that!

It must be said that, in terms of recreational activities, those outside the workplace are at the top of the list. They are ideal for encouraging teamwork and employee relations.

Choose the frequency yourself, but it is advisable to plan at least once a month something outdoors. A meeting where you can spend time with your beloved co-workers, away from the stress of the workplace and the inconvenience of working like a beast, day after day.

A football game, picking mushrooms in the countryside during the season or visiting a cultural venue or artistic event. Remember that these campaigns promote integration, loyalty to the company, the work environment, and the most important thing: a good atmosphere among co-workers.

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