How to improve the operation of a call centre with Integria IMS

improve the operation of a call centre

How to improve the operation of a call centre with this article

Do you know that call centres are trendy right now? . As customers, we all have used one at some point in our lives. With activities that come from the Internet, online shops, or even in large companies, nowadays it’s quite common to deal with issues through call centres. And just with a phone call! For a company, nowadays it’s quite important to provide good customer service and today, this can be carried out remotely, by phone or email, therefore we need to pay more attention to this.

If you work in a call centre (this could be either the management or the customer service), we are pretty sure that you’ve noticed that the workload is getting bigger over time, and therefore you need to know what a good help desk software is so that you can keep moving forward with your work. Clients who get in touch with you, they expect from you a quick and effective response, and in order to offer this, you must have technological tools to carry out your work, right?

Integria IMS is software, which has several features that will help in a call centre, such as an incident management system based on tickets or inventories. In this article we will go through different situations in a call centre, we will also see how Integria IMS could help you make your workload easier. And let’s find out how to improve the operation of a call centre. Are you ready? Let’s go!!

1ST SCENARIO: Let’s begin with a very basic example, this happens all the time in call centres. A phone call from the client!

The client is enraged, because he has a problem with the contracted services and this must be solved. The operator, who has received the call, will use the Integria IMS incident management system and will open a ticket in order to record the incident. Automatically, the system will send a notice in order to let the right people know about the opening of the ticket, then these people will get down to work in order to solve the problem and will make observations which will be added to the ticket. If the client has previously called, and now the client asks about an open incident, the operator will be able to use the ticket search engine and will locate it in order to obtain all the useful information about the incident that was registered at that time by the right people, they will also find out the state of the incident, as well as the actions that were carried out in order to solve the problem and the time spent on this. This way, you will be able to let the client know all about that information regarding the status of your incident.

Thanks to the incident management system, these incidents will be managed in a simpler and more orderly manner. And the information available to operators who work in customer service will be much more complete which in turn will result in better customer service.

2nd SCENARIO: Let’s say that you are the person in charge of managing the material of the call centre, but you are having problems with your work and your performance. Business is booming, the number of devices (computers, servers, etc.) has increased over the last few months, and that Excel sheet that you used to use for inventory control, now is not enough.

Calm down. Take it easy! Integria IMS has an inventory tool that will help you. With this tool, you will be able to register both the objects that are part of the inventory and all kinds of useful information, such as the type of object, its location, the manufacturer, etc. But, you will also be able to associate incidents tickets to objects that are part of the inventory, which will be very useful, for example, to find out if an object has suffered too many incidents (such as breakdowns) so that you can replace it with a new one.

In addition to this, if you have Pandora FMS monitoring software, you will be able to monitor some of your material and create a semi-automatic inventory. If you want to know more about Pandora FMS, click here:

3RD SCENARIO: Let’s find out another way to improve the operation of a call centre with this 3rd Scenario.

Let’s say that during the last few months, the amount of calls and emails with problems that need a solution has increased. That means that, despite hiring new staff all the time, the resolution time is getting longer, so now customer service is suffering. How can you solve this?

A great thing to do is to ask for help in your team. Open a ticket and ask your team to propose ideas to improve the service. In that ticket they will be able to write down both the ideas proposed, and the changes you have decided to implement. Even in the future, you will be able to add your observations about the results achieved with those changes in the ticket.

This is just an example. As you can see, Integria IMS can also be used to improve internal communication in your call centre and it will also make the communication and ideas of the people that are part of your team flow more easily.

These are just some examples of how software like Integria IMS could help your call centre, but we are pretty sure that you can think of many more ideas for its use.

In addition to this, Integria IMS has other features that can also help you, such as a vacation manager, which will make it easier for you to organize your staff’s vacations.

Thanks for reading our article on how to improve the operation of a call centre!

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