How to improve the operation of a school with Integria IMS

improve the operation of a school

Improve the operation of a school with Integria IMS

Do you work in a school? Maybe you’re the school principal, or the person in charge of managing the material. Or you may work in the school secretary with tasks such as dealing with the parents of the students.

Whatever your position, surely you know that working in a school is very hectic. Different kinds of incidents arise everyday in a school. Hundreds of students full of energy wander from one place to another. Things that sometimes have an important economic value, such as computer equipment -, enter and leave the school’s inventory day after day. Don’t you think it’s time to change the Excel table and the notebook for up-to-date modern tools? Don’t you think that things would work better with software to help you manage incidents and inventory items?

In this article we will see, through some fictitious examples, some ideas on how to improve the operation of a school with software such as Integria IMS.

Example 1:

Pablo has flushed the toilet very hard, and now the toilet has cracked and it keeps leaking water. And now the bathroom looks like the Swan Lake, but without swans.

If you write down the incident in a post-it, and you notify the handyman (who will repair it “as soon as he can”) and then you forget about it, then you might need to start thinking about buying waterproof boots to be able to walk around that area of the school.

However, if in addition to notifying the handyman, you open a ticket with the incident, you will be much more in control. You will be able to know the state of the incidence, and you will be able to know if the repair has already been carried out, plus you will have useful information such as the cost that this involved for the school, and you will be able to attach files to the ticket, such as a photograph of the previous state and the final state of the toilet so that it’s all reflect there. And you will also be able to associate the incident with this object, if the object is part of the inventory (we will talk about this later).

As you can see, the follow-up that you will have for this type of incidents will be so much better, and this will improve the operation of the school.

Example 2:

Don’t you think that there is a certain lack of control in the number of computer equipment? Do you know how many computers you have in the school ? Do you have 100 computer or maybe 50 computers? Where are those three printers that you bought last summer?

Integria IMS has an inventory tool that will make it easier for you to control the school material. In addition to this, if you integrate it with Pandora FMS, part of this material can be monitored -and therefore controlled- semi-automatically.

In addition to this, the inventory of Integria IMS will allow you to record all kinds of useful information about the different objects that are part of the inventory, and even, as we mentioned before in the previous example, you can associate incident tickets to specific objects. For example, if a computer has broken down on many occasions and you have opened tickets to register it, you will be able to see all the incidences associated with that particular inventory object, which will allow you, to make the decision to take it out in order to buy a new one so that you can avoid many economic losses due to the continuous repairs that the school is forced to pay.

Example 3:

There’s that time of the year when it is time to prepare the end of year party, but you do not know how to avoid some of the problems that arise every summer. What can you do to make things go smoothly this year?

The Integria IMS incident management system can help you. Because not only can you use it to manage incidents, but it can also help you improve the school’s internal communication.

So, you can open a ticket dedicated to organizing this year’s end-of-year party and ask the teacher to participate by contributing ideas that they might have heard from the students themselves and also dedicated to proposing solutions for some of the problems you’ve had previously. The different proposals will be recorded on the ticket, these can be discussed among the different participants and measures can be taken to make things go better this year. Also, if, despite all your efforts and forecasts, there is an incident during the celebration of the party, you will be able to register it on the ticket (or create a new one) and it will be at your disposal to consult it when it is time to organize next year’s party.

These are just some examples of how software that has an incident management system and an inventory will help improve the operation of a school. We are pretty sure that you know more things about schools than we do, and you can come up with loads of different situations in which software like Integria IMS will be helpful.

And now that you have seen some examples on how to improve the operation of a school with software such as Integria IMS, do you want to find out what Integria IMS can do for you? In addition to the incident and inventory management system, Integria IMS has other features, such as a vacation management tool that will help you organize the vacations of your school staff.

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