How to create and use innovative ideas in your business

innovative ideas

Innovative ideas. Learn how to create and use them in your company

Innovative ideas can be incredibly powerful. But they won’t help if the wind blows them away, right?

Ideas shape the world and business. Many big companies in the world have emerged or have completely changed their course with a good idea.

When it comes to ideas, it’s not just about having them, it’s also about using them. In a business environment, poor organisation or even a lack of a method or the necessary tools to use them can lead to a loss of good ideas from many talented employees.

And that’s a shame, don’t you think? In this article we are going to look at some ideas to ensure that the innovative ideas that arise in your company grow, multiply and are used properly.

– You must let them know about the need to generate new ideas

Your company needs new ideas to keep growing, but do your employees know?

Don’t let your interest in generating innovative ideas remain only in your brain. Also, remember that innovation is not just a task for CEOs or department heads. Let your team know about the need to generate good ideas and integrate this aspect into your company’s work philosophy. And remember to have the mindset to listen to everyone!

– Establish mechanisms to generate these ideas

Once everyone is aware of the need to generate new ideas, you need to create the necessary mechanisms for them to blossom. Do you want to see some examples?

  1. For example, you can create brainstorming sessions. Set aside a few minutes a week to gather your group and let them unleash their imagination. Remember that, when brainstorming, imagination and freedom are essential, so avoid making negative judgments. It will be the best way to make the members of the group feel free to express themselves and the ideas will rise.
  2. You can also, for example, schedule regular personal interviews. Nobody knows the company better than your team members. It is very likely that many of them already have some ideas in their heads that they have not been able to express because they have not had the opportunity to do so. Talk to them and ask them how they think you could improve. You might be surprised.
  3. Or you can also use tools to help you take advantage of ideas and let them grow. Luckily, technology provides us with all kinds of possibilities. We’ ll show you how you can do this with Integria IMS.

– Encourage the generation of ideas

Although we all have ideas in our heads, an incentive on time will serve as fuel to ignite the spark.

You can encourage the generation of innovative ideas in many ways. For example, you can use gamification to get new ideas in a playful environment. Or you can reward the best ideas with prizes like vacation days, trips or extra pay. You will not only get those ideas flowing, but you will also be helping to improve the working environment in your company.

In addition, remember that some companies set aside some of the time available during the working day for the employee to develop new ideas. There’s a reason for that, don’t you think?

– Talk to your customers

They know what they want better than anyone else, and that makes them an ongoing source of new ideas. Talk to them. Talk to them. Ask them what they need, what they want, and even how they would improve the products and services you offer them. And then, put your mind to work; their comments will inspire you to find new ideas that will improve your business.

– Use tools to take advantage of new ideas

It is not only a matter of generating them, but also of making the most of them.

If an idea goes through your head but is not somehow retained, it will end up being lost forever. And the same thing will happen if it is registered but in an inadequate way which will make it disappear.

Luckily, there are some tools we can use to take advantage of ideas and to improve internal communication in a company.

For example, think of the Integria IMS ticketing tool.

Although the most common use of the Integria IMS issue management system is for help desk software – in other words, it is used to manage incidents related to a company’s customer service – you can also use it to take advantage of new ideas.

For example, if a member of your team has a new idea and wants to suggest it for consideration. Just open a ticket in Integria IMS and develop your suggestion.

A warning will then be sent to the specified persons to warn them of the opening of the ticket. They can take part in it, by making the necessary observations – for example, developing the idea or adding their own suggestions – and can revise it at any time they wish.

In addition, your team can also, for example, open tickets to generate ideas that have emerged from customer interactions. For example, think of the source of good ideas and value appreciation that can come from the interaction with users generated in customer service. Don’t you think it’s worth taking advantage of all that information?

In addition, you will have a history in which you will be able to review the ideas that have been proposed over time. Do not let them drift away!

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