Invoice management with Integria IMS: create customers and keep track of the invoices

invoice management

Invoice management with Integria IMS: Creation of companies and invoices

There are two types of people, those who do everything themselves and those who delegate. We could devote an entire post to the importance of learning to delegate and maybe we’ll do it in another article. However, today we will only say that it is a very complicated task, which not everyone is capable of doing, but which brings many benefits, including stress reduction and the possibility of specialization. But let’s move on to the topic that concerns us, invoice management with helpdesk software.

Usually when a company is small, all tasks are performed among the team members, and gradually begin to specialize by departments. In large companies, there is already some specialisation. Whether you are one of those who hire an agency to have everything in order or of those who do everything for themselves, it is necessary to have control of everything that enters and leaves your company. In other words, you always have to have complete control over your invoice management, regardless of whether you are a multinational or a freelancer.

Not so long ago, managers received folders and folders full of documentation every month. More specifically, tickets and invoices, in order to have control of the finances and to be able to send all the information to Treasury, before the end of the quarter. Over the years, this figure has evolved and the management of invoices is simpler than before. On the other hand, the tax laws have also been tightened and it is now more important than ever to avoid errors in something as basic as invoice management.

The technology we have today is very helpful now. Think about your invoice management without an Excel, a scanner or an email. As you can see… today things are much simpler and when a bill is missing or there is any problem, it is easier to find a solution. Integria IMS, is exactly that, a helpdesk software that makes the role of the administrator easier, because an Excel is very good, but when there are several people playing with it, there can be many disasters.

If your company has a helpdesk like Integria IMS, and you are the one in charge of the invoices, ask for access to make your work easier. You will be able to see the invoices issued and received, the payment status and all the necessary fields.

Today we are going to see how we can make our job much easier in the management of invoices, first of all by looking at how to create a company, an invoice received or issued with Integria IMS. By introducing little by little the invoices issued and received, you can have a monetary control of the expenses and income of your company…..saving in inconveniences at the end of the month.

1. Creation of a company:

We will start by creating a company step by step, the first thing to do is to have the right permissions. In order to do this, ask your administrator to give you permission to view and edit invoices. Once you have these permissions, begin by knowing the interface, in a few days you will be familiar with it and you will find it easier to use all its tools.

It is worth mentioning that Integria IMS is constantly changing and our developers are working on this software to improve it as much as possible. For this reason, if you see that your graphical interface does not match the images below, it is because you have a previous or later version than the one used for the screenshots.

That being said, we shall continue. In order to create a company, you have to click on the “clients” tab in the menu at the top of the home page.

invoice management

When you move the mouse over Clients, a drop-down menu will appear; click on “Company”.

invoice management

When you access the company, you will be able to see the files of all the clients that you have, with their name, registered contract, the person in charge of managing the company, the country and the total invoicing.

invoice management

To add a new company, select the menu on the left and choose Create Company.

invoice management

The following screen will appear:

invoice management

Now you only have to add the necessary data and click create. Once you see the “Successfully created” screen, you will have your company created.

Once the company is created, you can start creating invoices, both issued and received.

2. Creating invoices

When you click on your company, in this case we will use the fictitious company Pay Palu, you can see all the invoices added previously.

invoice management

To create an invoice, click on the Create button at the bottom left and you can now enter all the details.

invoice management

Look closely at the type: Sent or Received. Since it is very important that this information is correct to avoid later errors.

Once you have added the invoice with the appropriate amount, concept, withholdings and all relevant information, you can download the invoice in pdf format by clicking on the icon:

acrobat icon (PDF)

invoice management

When you receive an invoice and you want to register it, follow the same steps, but you must change on the Type of Sent to Received tab from Submitted to Received. Integria IMS will now allow you to enter your invoice identification number.

Once you have completed all the information and clicked add, you can drag the received invoice at the bottom and click update to attach the invoice.

invoice management

When registering invoices, you can select due date and payment date, so Integria IMS will notify the administrator that it is time to pay the invoice.

When you have all the information completed, at the end of each month you will have a control of all the invoicing that has entered and left your company, so it is much easier to manage it and send it to the agency.

And that’s how simple it is to create companies and invoices. Always remember to pay special attention to whether the invoice is “issued” or “received”, to avoid generating a new issued invoice number.

If you are still eager to learn more about Integria IMS, you can access our website and if you still have questions about the invoice management or usability of this helpdesk software, you can visit the Integria IMS guide or the support forum.

Our team will be happy to solve all your doubts and problems!