7 reasons why you may lose your consumers

Losing consumers: 7 common mistakes that will make them say goodbye

Let’s admit it, mistakes are part of our lives.

But that does not mean that you cannot try to avoid them. In order to do so, there is nothing better than identifying those possible mistakes. It sounds logic and reasonable, right? Just how we like it!

That said, it is impossible to foresee all the possible mistakes that you could make in your business, even if we narrowed it down to the tricky question itself of losing consumers. But what we can do is analyze some of the most common mistakes. Let’s begin!

7 mistakes that will make you lose your consumers

– Not complying with the quality standard

Are your shirts worn out when you just washed them twice? Do your combs provoke hair pulls? Does your raspberry-flavored chewing gum actually resemble a strange mixture between strawberries and soap? And do you still have any hopes of having any consumers?

It is a matter of what your basis is. If the product that you are offering does not have good quality, you will be losing consumers in the blink of an eye. But that is up to you.

– Not having a professional team

Okay, he is your brother-in-law. Okay, he is his brother, and your husband really appreciates him. And, he is a BBQ expert. But he actually goes to work wearing shorts, and throws water balloons from the window to the consumers that he does not like!

Having a team that keeps up with the expectations is one of the keys to any kind of business. If you are not careful enough when recruiting, or you do not take care of your staff, your clients will end up suffering the consequences. Is that what you want? Get on with it, hire a professional team, treat them well and you will avoid having any chinks in your armor.

– Not matching up to the expectations

Are you promising your potential consumer that your cream against wrinkles will make them look 20 years younger? Or that they will be total heartbreakers, and even some Hollywood producer will call them to star in superhero movies? Aren’t you exaggerating a bit?

You are going down the wrong path. Apart from being illegal, deception is counterproductive. At a lower level, without going as far as the previous example, do not make promises that you cannot keep to your clients. For example, do not warrant that you can have an order ready on time if you actually cannot. Otherwise, your consumers will be disappointed, and they will not trust you again. If you behave like that, it will be like showing them to the door, and you will start losing consumers.

– Keeping your distance too much

Are you hiding your contact information under 45 subpages in your webpage? Are you only providing your phone number, and have you hired a parrot to answer the phone? Okay, Charlie is a lovely parrot and he can speak a few words, but perhaps that should not be his job.

Being available, professional and polite when dealing with your consumers is absolutely vital. On the contrary, if they perceive that they do not matter enough or that you are avoiding them, it is most likely that they will look for another supplier and you will end up losing consumers.

– Becoming outdated

Does your factory of menhirs no longer receive so many orders, like it did yesteryear? Maybe they have become a little old fashioned…

The current market is always changing at light speed, and if you are not updated, it is likely that you will fall behind. Keep an eye on your rivals and ask your consumers. Carry out a market study and think about how you could launch new products, or update the current ones. That does not mean that you should stop doing what so far has been a success, but rather, you should be watchful and react when necessary. Otherwise, it is possible that you will be replaced by some other provider who is more adapted to the new circumstances.

– Having a bad image

Perhaps it should not be like that, but today, projecting a good image is very important for almost everything. And business is not an exception.

Besides, nowadays, managing a company’s image is not simple at all. Internet’s reaching power amplifies everything and makes the experience of any client with a company become a viral phenomenon. That is why worrying about every single aspect of the company, and particularly about the main services related to users – like customer service – becomes essential to maintain a good image. That leads us to the next point.

-Poor customer service

It is a question of image, but also efficiency. And reliability. And satisfaction. And many more aspects that will determine whether you keep a large number of customers or you start losing consumers.

In fact, bad customer service can be a huge weak spot in your company, and in time, you will have to deal with the nightmare of losing consumers.

When a user contacts customer service, he will usually do it because he has some kind of problem with a certain product or service, or a particular matter to deal with. A poor resolution of incidents will not only cause a very bad impression on your users, but it could also mean losing consumers altogether or even generating adverse publicity that could eventually damage the business.

On the contrary, good customer service conveys professionalism and reliability. It contributes to the customer’s loyalty and it entails an indirect advertising source made by all your satisfied consumers.

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