Loyal customers. Make the most of them!

loyal customers

Loyal customers; Learn how to win them over in order to sell even more

Loyal customers are small assets for a company. They provide regular income and they are often a source of new customers through recommendations.

However, in many cases, you may not be getting as much out of your loyal customers as you could. Because, if they’ re happy with your company and your products, why don’t you try to sell them a bit more? The idea is that both the company and the client can benefit from a more intense relationship.

In this article we’re going to look at some ideas to help your loyal customers learn more about what you can offer them, in order to increase your sales and to strengthen your relationship with them. Let’s do this!

– Offer them products they don’t have

It’s a simple one. The fact that a person is already a customer of your company does not mean that he or she knows your entire catalogue and may not be interested in any of your other products or services.

Getting a loyal customer to buy is much easier than getting a new customer to buy. So don’t forget to tell your long-time customers about everything you can offer that might be of interest to them. You probably have products that they haven’t bought because they don’t know them yet!

– Invite them to events

Are you celebrating a new product launch? A new centre to be opened? Or maybe you will have a promotional party….
Are you looking for guests for this type of event? I’m sure some of your best customers would be happy to be there! As always, they should be treated with respect this way they will feel even more attached to your company. In addition, it may be the ideal opportunity for them to discover new products or services that might be of great interest to them.

– Offer them free trials

They trust your products and you trust them because they are loyal customers. Is there anyone better to offer a free trial to?

Sometimes certain products – for example, the more expensive or newly launched ones – can be more difficult to sell, so offering a free trial to loyal customers can be a good way to promote them, to get new sales and even to get some valuable feedback on what your customers think about the products you offer them.

– Offer loyalty discounts

It is a technique intended to increase loyalty and at the same time to increase sales.

Do you know the loyalty cards? I’m sure you do, because they’re common in many stores. They are one of the most effective ways to generate new sales and relationships. The point is to offer benefits – usually through discounts – when new purchases are made, which strengthens a long-term relationship.
And it’s a total classic: thousands of supermarkets and petrol stations can’t be wrong!

– Offer discounts when bringing in new customers

Have you ever heard the words “bring a friend and you’ll get a 10% discount for both of you”? Oh, really? Do you have some kind of sixth sense that makes you immune to advertising?
It is another technique that has become popular in recent years. The aim is to offer discounts to users who are able to generate new sales by recommending products or services.

It has a double effect: on the one hand, it attracts new customers to the company; on the other hand, it allows us to encourage our loyal customers to buy new products or services, which they may not have enjoyed yet.

– Offer a bonus through good advice

When selling some products or services, good advice is essential. When it comes to loyal customers, you’ve probably dealt with them personally on other occasions, so they will appreciate it if you try to help them with their needs. Remember that customers are people and the better you treat them and the more you help them, the more they will appreciate what you offer.

– Offer excellent customer service

It is your responsibility and it is essential in order to keep your customers satisfied.

A good customer service is essential in any company and especially when it comes to loyal customers. The fact that a user is loyal to your products or services doesn’t mean that you can stop providing good customer service, right?

Picture yourself as a regular user of a company, you contact customer service and you get nothing but evasive, slow and unsatisfactory responses. Would you really like to continue to trust them?

On the other hand, imagine that you are a regular customer, you have any kind of incident, you contact the customer service and your problem is solved quickly, diligently and with excellent service. Isn’t that a reason to trust even more in the products and services they offer?

Good customer service is one of the best ways to achieve new purchases from your loyal customers and to gain new customers through the recommendations generated by them.

The thing is, achieving good customer service isn’t easy, is it?

Providing it requires dedication, effort, professionalism and the right tools to carry it out effectively.

Luckily, we are in the 21st century, which means that there are things like computers, the Internet, back scratchers and other wonderful inventions created to make life and work a little easier.

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