What are the new consumers like?

new costumers

New consumers. Learn all about them in this article

What are the new consumers like? Whoever has to deal with them, for example through their work, might ask themselves this question. The way in which we buy products, our tastes and needs have changed a lot in recent years, and are very different from those from a few decades ago.

Do you want to see an example? Imagine the following scenario.
It’s the year 1891. Mr. Tesla has arrived in town to give a lecture, but he has an important problem: his moustache doesn’t look like it should.
He hasn’t visited his barber recently and now his hair is all over the place. And this afternoon he will deliver a very important speech at the American Institute of Electrical Engineers. The press will probably be there, and Edison might even show up.

In this situation, our friend Tesla would probably have no choice but to pray desperately, or to go to any random barber in the city and put himself in their hands. Or, at best, he could ask for a recommendation from a good barber at the hotel reception desk. In any case, he would have few options to handle his beloved moustache.
Now think of a much more current scenario.

Year 2018. Mr. Musk has arrived in town to give a lecture.

Mr. Musk doesn’t have a mustache, but he likes to have a good haircut and a good shave whenever he has a public appearance. The problem is that his private barber has developed whooping cough, and Mr Musk does not know who to turn to because, like Mr Tesla, he does not know any barber in the city.

However, Mr Musk now has many more tools at his fingertips to find a barber to trust. First of all, the number of barbers in the city is immense, so there are plenty to choose from. But he can also check multiple opinion pages in which users value the best barbers in the city. And he even has the “get handsome” app, in which they recommend the best professionals.

As you can tell, over the last few decades things have changed a lot for consumers. The balance of power has shifted, and now it’s the customers who take the lead. And this has also changed the way consumers see themselves. In what way?

What are the new consumers like?

– They’re more demanding

That is the reason why you have an infinite number of options and you can find out beforehand what other users think of a brand or a product.
Millions of consumers use tools such as blogs, opinion pages or social networks before shopping. There are several effects involved when it comes to accessing this type of instrument:

  1. Consumers are much better informed before making a choice, which allows them to be more demanding in their purchases.
  2. Consumers have access to many sites where they can express their opinions about products, services and brands, which means they become more powerful.
  3. By being better informed and more empowered, consumers are able to put added pressure on businesses to improve their products and services.
  4. This means that, in turn, consumers expect better products and services, which feeds back into the whole system and continues to increase the demand.

– They are harder to

We have already noticed that consumers are becoming more and more demanding. Now there is a massive number of options and a fierce battle between companies, which are constantly launching new offers to acquire customers. What will you get? Many difficulties in building user loyalty.

Because that’s how it is; when people keep hearing siren calls, they sometimes give in to them. That’s why loyalty is more difficult but also more important than ever and a recurring customer base, or even fans of the brand, will be a great value for any business.

– They want everything faster

It is the result of the current situation. Our life is becoming more and more chaotic and this is why we also demand a high speed from companies.

Just look at our behaviour when we use the Internet. If we don’t get what we’re looking for in a matter of seconds, we abandon the site in order to look for a new one. And the same goes for shopping….

– They demand more

As a result of the fact that they have more information, more purchasing options and more means to complain, new consumers are more likely to make a complaint.
In addition to being more aware of their rights, current users do not shy away from contacting the companies’ customer care services to claim what they feel they deserve.

For this reason, and for all the reasons we mentioned before, customer service has become a key service for almost any company.

Maintaining customer service that meets the needs of new consumers is not an easy task. It requires a great organization, a very professional team and the right tools to carry out the job effectively.

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