customer centric
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Promoting customer centric culture

Customer centric culture; what it is and some tips to achieve it Customer service culture (or customer centric) is that set of practices or strategies that promote for the actions carried out by a company to be aimed at the client. That means they are carried out...

zero moment of truth
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ZMOT and user support

Zero moment of truth, ZMOT; Learn about its relationship with customer service Zero moment of truth, ZMOT. What are we talking about? Is it a Czech juice brand, maybe? Is it an Eskimo word? Or is it just an acronym for some new Internet expression, like "LOL"?...

angry customers
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How to deal with an angry customer

Angry Customers; 8 Ideas to successfully deal with them Has anyone looked at you with killer eyes lately? Has anyone mentioned any of your illustrious ancestors? Have you felt like the referee of a football match after whistling a penalty against the home team?...

types of users
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7 types of online customers

7 types of users that you might find online in your online business Anyone can be on the Internet! The days when the network was only used by computer geeks are long gone, in order to make way for an era in which from your cousin Paco, who finished a degree at MIT,...

customer att
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New trends in customer service

Customer att; new trends in customer service Have you seen your neighbour Jose? He's given up his job at a bank, grown a beard, long hair, and now plays in a Heavy metal band called The Raging Satanists, and they say he's quite happy! Everything in life changes....

customer comunication channels
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8 Customer communication channels

Customer Communication Channels that you should know about How does your company communicate with its customers? If the answer is " okay " you should know that there is always room for improvement. If the answer is " poorly " then you have a lot of work to do. If...

history of project management
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Brief History of Project Management

History of Project Management; a brief overview It is not easy to get a group of people to combine their efforts and organize their resources to achieve a common goal. It is something that human beings have always tried to do, and it has become such an important...

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How To Turn Your Customers Into Advocates

Advocates; Learn all about them and how to find them for your brand Is there anything better for a company than having good customers? Seriously, it's not a rhetorical question. Is there anything better? There might be. There is, actually! The best thing is to turn...

customer service process
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Customer Service Process and Integria IMS

Customer service process; Learn all about it and how to improve it Do you want to offer an excellent customer service? and how would you like to do that without first knowing which are the phases that the customer service process goes through and which are the...

good listening skills
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Some ideas to have good listening skills

Good listening skills in customer service; 6 ideas to improve this Have you ever heard the expression "to be all ears"? . If you work in customer service, maybe you should get familiar with it. Because, although you may not have rationalized it in this way, it is...

customer churn
Customer support

What is Customer Churn?

Customer churn:Are you aware of the consequences for your business? Do you care about your customers? Well, you should care about them! Customers bring much more to a company than you might think. Some businesses are not able to evaluate it properly and do not pay...

what is ticketing
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What is ticketing? What is a ticketing tool?

What is ticketing? These are some basic examples with Integria IMS Have you found this article trying to find out what is ticketing or what is a ticketing tool? If so, we're going to try to help you. And also, you will be able to learn about a ticketing tool that...

a good work environment

Ideas and tips for a good work environment

A good work environment. Do you know how to get it? If your office is full of conflicts with tension, you might as well try to do something about it, like getting to work with a peaceful expression on your face and ready to spread the benefits of a good working...

what is helpdesk
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Helpdesk, customer service and Integria IMS

What is helpdesk? What is it used for? Learn more about it here What is helpdesk? This is a question that we might have asked ourselves at some point in our lives (well, more or less). If you work in support or customer service, you'll know exactly what we're...

new costumers

What are the new consumers like?

New consumers. Learn all about them in this article What are the new consumers like? Whoever has to deal with them, for example through their work, might ask themselves this question. The way in which we buy products, our tastes and needs have changed a lot in...

consumer trends

Consumer trends that shape the market

Consumer trends that will shape the future of markets The world changes and along with it our tastes, our behaviour and, of course, our way of buying. Nowadays we have all kinds of technological tools that have transformed the way we work in the market. This is...

why people buy

15 reasons why people feel the impulse to buy

Why people buy. Learn about it with these 15 Purchase decisions Do you need to buy? Maybe you don't need to, but you want to. Human beings are complex and contradictory. When it comes to fulfilling our desires and needs, we are driven by diverse forces, which often...

customer needs
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How to understand customer needs

Customer Needs; 6 Ways to Get to Know Them in this article When a customer looks at the products or services offered by a company, he or she usually does so for one of these two reasons (which often complement each other): They need something. They have a desire....

customer service skills
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10 useful customer service skills

Customer service skills; 10 skills for a customer service agent Are you a customer service agent or do you want to become one? Are you the head of the customer service department? Do you want to find out some customer service skills? Are you a NASA astronaut? Don’t...

social media customer service
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Social media customer service

Customer service in social networks. Watch what you're doing! Everyone talks about social networks. Everyone uses social networks. Everyone's on social networks. Not your company? Okay, being on social networks is not mandatory, and in fact it has both advantages...

customer service
Customer support

Customer service; 6 key concepts

Customer Service; Discover these 6 key concepts for improvement Providing good customer service is one of the main objectives of any company that wants to survive today. The user is a part of the digital transformation and has very powerful tools such as social...

online customer service
Customer support

How to improve online customer Service

Online customer service; discover some ideas to improve this Do you want to know the most common mistake that online businesses make? Well, they think that customer service is not important. Indeed, many of the companies that sell products or services online think...

turn customers into fans

How to turn customers into fans of your brand

Turn customers into fans; 6 ideas to make them love your brand As Bob Dylan, a man who sings, knows a lot and has a Nobel Prize, once said: "Times are changing". But also, the way in which companies and customers are connected. Although there are still "lifelong"...

digital transformation

The digital transformation in customer service

Digital transformation in customer service and Integria IMS Digital transformation and customer service are concepts that are closely related. This is due to the fact that the customer is the focal point of the digital transformation. Although the customer has...

customer experience map
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How to create a customer experience map

Customer experience map; what is this? Find out all about it here Have you ever studied cartography? Don’t you worry! You won’t actually need that. In order to create a good customer experience map, neither will you need to be able to draw nor will you need to be...

digital customer

Who is the digital customer?

Digital customer; Discover 7 key elements of this type of client Nowadays, you are a digital customer, I’m a digital customer, and everyone is a digital customer. The digital customer is also known as customer 2.0, this type of client uses the Internet to carry out...

income model

5 Income models for companies

Income model for companies; 5 classic and modern ways for this If you own a company, you might want to make the world a little better. But you probably want to earn money too. And one of the key things to make money in a company is to establish your income model....

how to promote my business

How to promote my business thanks to my users

How to promote my business with my own customers once and for all If you have a business, we are pretty sure that you’ve had this thought at some point in your life: "Advertising is expensive and does not always work. What else could I do? I want to learn how to...

potential competitors

How to beat your potential competitors

Potential competitors. Learn how to beat them with these 8 tips Your competitors are everywhere. They are around you, they look at you, they stalk you, and they want to steal your customers! Don’t let this happen to you! Okay, before you make an appointment with...

upgrade your business

8 ideas to upgrade your business

Upgrade your business; 8 great ideas to finally renew your company You have spent your whole life dedicating yourself to the noble business of spare parts for chariots, but now you have noticed that recently you’ve hardly had any customers. Your workshop is empty,...

types of entrepreneurs

What type of entrepreneur are you?

Types of entrepreneurs; Learn more about their different qualities If you look up online the word ‘’entrepreneur’’ you will find something like this: someone who starts their own business, especially when this involves seeing a new opportunity. If you are an...

active listening
Customer support

Customer service; active listening

Active listening in customer service. Connect with your clients If you work in customer service, we are pretty sure that you already know that the little things can make a big difference. Clients are humans and they have feelings, so you need to keep in mind the...

digital reputation

How to improve your digital reputation

Digital Reputation; Find out all about it and how to improve it Do you know what they say? They say that it doesn't matter what they say as long as it's about us. This is a popular saying in the world of marketing. For many people, publicity is just that publicity,...

good customer service

5 tips for providing good customer service

Good customer service. Learn all about it with these 5 great tips New companies are being created as we speak. There are more and more products and services. Consumers nowadays have loads of options to choose from and there is an increasingly wider ocean of...

improve productivity

10 tips to improve productivity in your company

Improve productivity in your company with these 10 easy tips here So you have a company, okay and now you do not know how to increase productivity. You've signed up for loads of courses on leadership, performance-enhancing techniques, yoga and pilates, but nothing...

factors influencing consumer behaviour

Which factors influence consumer behaviour?

8 factors that influence consumer behavior the most You know your clients are people. Even if you sell to a company, you'll be dealing with humans to do it. You know that everyone has their interests, their tastes, their own way of being and a personal history that...

customer care featured
Customer support

13 principles of customer care

Customer care, 13 basic principles you should always keep in mind Do you want to provide good customer care? Do you actually know how to achieve this? You need to be clear about what your priorities are when talking to your clients. Do you know that it is better to...

types of leadership

8 types of leadership

Types of leadership. What kind of leader do you want to be? You were already giving orders from the cradle, even with your pacifier in hand, as soon as you walked in, you were already controlling everyone in your nursery home. On your first birthday, they bought...

work demotivation

9 mistakes that can lead to work demotivation

work demotivation. 9 mistakes you should avoid Do you have a company? Do you lead teams? Are you a national football coach? If so, by now you will know that the motivation of your people is one of your main tasks. Are you clear on how to do it right? Sometimes we...

common ecommerce mistakes

8 common ecommerce mistakes

Common ecommerce mistakes that you should avoid in your company Do you sell things online? Nowadays it seems like every company is doing it. Currently, about 7% of total sales are made through ecommerce (electronic commerce), this was impossible just a few years...

causes of business failure

Business failure: most common mistakes to avoid

Causes of business failure, 9 common mistakes you should avoid Several studies state that around 90 % of companies don't get to survive over 5 years. Did you just drop your cup of civet coffee? Is it possible you didn’t know about this statistics? Bringing up a...

Problem solving at work

A little script for problem solving at work

Problem solving at work; 8 steps to do your best job at it. This morning you arrived at your workplace and were surprised by a deafening racket. Next, to the meeting room, a group of workers was jolting in a circle. Inside the circle, two of them were facing each...

how to improve teamwork

10 ideas for improving teamwork

How to improve teamwork; 10 tips to make more group Do you have a company? Do you lead work teams? You're part of one and you want everything to work out better? Are you José Mourinho and you don't know how to control that tactless striker who is always going to do...

mistakes entrepreneurs make

9 common mistakes entrepreneurs make

Common mistakes entrepreneurs make. How to avoid them. Creating a company is not an easy task. No matter how much passion and knowledge you have, you know (or you should know!) that you can find problems in every corner. But is this a good reason to stop trying? Of...

what is a lead
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What is a lead?

What is a lead ? Learn how to generate leads for your business. If you run a business, you know that selling is not an easy task. Competitors are everywhere, and you know what they say, a loyal customer is pure gold. Have you ever heard of the word "lead" in the...

how to make your business grow
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11 ideas on how to make your business grow

How to make your business grow; 11 ideas for doing it Do you like plants? Children? Bellies? All these things have something in common: if you take good care of them, they grow. It also happens to business. If you have one, you probably want it to grow, but...

customer retention estrategies
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10 customer retention strategies

Customer retention strategies. keep your customers happy You do not have to shackle your customers to your company. Apart from the fact that this is illegal, doing this will not retain your customers the right way, so get that idea out of your head! One of the best...

peter principle

The peter principle and the dilbert principle

The Peter Principle and The Dilbert Principle, what are these? In 1960, when Professor Laurence J. Peter first exposed the famous principle that bears his name, he probably would not have imagined how popular it would become over time, to the point of becoming a...


Use the kaizen method within your business

The Kaizen Method, find out all about it and discover how to use it. Kaizen is not the name of a Japanese heavy metal band. Kaizen is a philosophy of life, a way of understanding life that can bring interesting features to the business world. Kaizen comes from...

parkinsons law

Parkinson’s law: some ideas to fight it

Parkinson's law: discover what it is and how to fight it Probably the day when the well-known professor, historian, writer and novelist, Cyril Northcote Parkinson, gave a speech about why the British Colonial Office had more and more employees, had no idea that he...

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Teamwork

5 Advantages and 5 Disadvantages of Teamwork

Advantages and Disadvantages of Teamwork in companies Do you know that expression that talks about seeing "both sides of the same coin"? You don’t? Really? Have you been raised by wolves? As we leave our readers more clueless while reading the Dictionary of Idioms,...

improve company image

13 ways to improve company image

Improve company image; 13 good ideas to achieve this. We all like to have a good image, look handsome, clean and irresistible. Then, why should it be different within a company? Surely you've spent thousands of hours working in the company, and do not want it to...

how to be a good leader
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How to be a good leader

How to be a good leader; 15 tips to reach our goals Your team may be the best in the world, but if they don't have someone to guide them, their work will never come to fruition. Do you have a clear idea of how to take the helm? Put on your best captain cap and keep...

social networking for business

Ten advantages of social networking for business

Social Networking for Business; Discover 10 Advantages for Your Business A woman - let's call her Cersei- about 45 years old, is waiting for the subway and in the meantime she checks her phone. If we could get closer and see what she is looking at, we would...

work stress

How to reduce work stress?

Work Stress: Tips to reduce this in order to live a happier Life Do you go to work every morning in a bad mood? Do your employees have dark circles under their eyes and come to work with anxiety? Regardless of your job, if you go to bed each night hoping that the...