How to increase your customer base in an online store

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Online customers; how to get them for your ecommerce

We are sure that in order to get customers we must offer good products/services, with good quality and at a good price, right? And with excellent customer service. It will be difficult to get them if you treat your users badly and if you sell sticks for selfies (made of branches that you have found spread in the parks) at 120 euros per unit.
This is a no-brainer: good quality, good customer service, good prices… But there are some ideas that can help you to get more users for your online store… Do you want to see some? that’s why we’re here!

Growing online customers

– Inbound marketing

Probably many of you do not know about this, but that is why we are in this endless pool of wisdom that is the Integria IMS blog.

Inbound marketing is about attracting new customers by providing quality content on your website. For example, if you have an online store that sells umbrellas you can create a blog and write articles about umbrellas, the weather, or anything else you can think of that might interest potential buyers for your ecommerce.

The idea is for these visitors to be interested first in the content you serve and then in the products in your store.

– Social networks

They won’t always be easy to manage and will take up some of your time, but social networks will create community around your online business, and can provide you with new customers.

Also, if your business requires it, you can leave its management in the hands of professionals (those known as “community managers“) this is so important that, there is even a profession that is specifically dedicated to its management!

– SEO and SEM

These are two of the most classic ways to generate visibility and new customers for an online store.

SEO, an acronym for “Search Engine Optimization”, is a field that aims to improve the presence of a website in search engines, achieving higher rankings through a series of good practices.

SEM, an acronym for “Search Engine Marketing”, refers to the development of marketing actions that are conveyed through search engines, that is, through advertising investment in search engines.

As you can guess, the use of SEO and/or SEM will depend on many factors, including the time and money you are willing to invest in them. While SEM represents an advertising channel more or less similar to traditional advertisements, SEO is a more complex discipline that, just like community managers, has led to a new profession, such as SEO consultant or specialist.

– Loyalty programs

If they’re good for lifelong face-to-face customers, why shouldn’t they be good for online customers?

Discounts for bringing in new customers, benefits for leaving comments on a product sheet, etc. These are available in all sizes and colours….

Optimization of the online store

So far we have seen some ideas for attracting new customers or building customer loyalty. Now we’ll look at some things you shouldn’t forget about in your own store to get your customers to access it, stay and even buy!

– A good usability

Does your website take a long time to load and when visitors are inside, they get lost in a sea of subpages and products where it’s impossible to find what they’ re looking for and the website crashes as soon as you get more than 5 simultaneous visits? Wrong business….

Good usability is key to a good user experience. The shopping experience should be a fast, simple and enjoyable one, right? Get to work!

– Good logistics

In an online store, logistics is a key issue. Does it take months to complete shipments? do you run out of stock all the time? are half the packages lost? Fix these problems or your granny Mildred, who loves you more than anything, won’t buy you anything.

– Great customer service

Like logistics, trust is another basic issue when it comes to an online store. And to achieve this, good customer service is essential.

Imagine that you buy a product, you have a problem with it and when you try to get someone to help you there is no one “on the phone” or the solution takes weeks. Probably you will not buy anything in this ecommerce again, but you will also speak badly about it to your friends and acquaintances.

If great customer service is very important in any business, in an online store, where physical distance separates the consumer from the business, then offering it becomes a matter of life and death.

And so far we’ve learned some ideas for getting and keeping online customers for your ecommerce.

We have already seen the importance of customer service for an online store. The problem is that offering good customer service is not easy; it requires effort, professionalism and the right tools to achieve it.

Luckily, we live in the 21st century, and that means there are wonders like coconut openers, dog umbrellas and even some tools to make it easier to manage customer service and online customers.

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