Customer orientation. Does your company have this?

customer orientation

Customer Orientation; Learn how to improve it

Do you know what “customer orientation” is? No, it doesn’t mean that you have to look at your users every time you deal with one of them (although this doesn’t mean that you have to turn your back on them), but rather that it’s a philosophy, an attitude that involves serious behaviour for any company.

Now that we are clear that the customer is so important, and even more so in these times of digital transformation, right? New technologies have provided “superpowers” to users, and this means that companies must work harder than ever to meet their needs and make them very happy.

What is customer orientation?

As we have already mentioned, customer orientation is an attitude. Moreover, it is a philosophy.

Customer orientation is a serious service, which places the user at the centre of everything. It means thinking about what is best for the customer at all times, in each and every one of the actions carried out by the business.

And this not only includes obvious phases, such as sales or customer service, but also extends to all acts in the life of the company. Product creation, distribution, marketing…. All the actions we carry out must be focused on achieving the greatest possible good for our customers.

But how does this translate into concrete action? Let’s look at some ideas.

Some ideas for real customer orientation

– Define a strategy

Do you want to orient your company’s activity towards your customers? Start by clarifying the matter.

The results don’t come out of nowhere, as if by magic; in order to get them, you’ll often need a plan.

Define the guidelines in order to make your business truly customer-oriented. And once you have done this, remember that these must imbue all the activity of the company, so don’t forget to pass them on to all the people involved.

– Create channels of contact with customers

You say you want to orient your company to your customers but the only way to contact you is on February 29th and through an ancestral ritual that is thousands of years old, for which you need unicorn horn dust, aren’t you going a little too far?

It is likely that your customers want to know more about your products, solve doubts, incidents, etc.. An essential step to be able to guide your company to your customers is to facilitate communication. A website, phone, email, social networks … There are many ways to do it… Don’t make it so hard, you druid!

– Give the customer experience the importance it deserves

It’s one of the hottest terms. And precisely the fact that it has become one of them is a clear sign of the importance that the relationship with the users has reached.

We’ve already talked a lot about the customer experience in this blog, so if you want to know more you can go into articles like this one, this one or even the one where we talked about how to build a customer experience map.

With this article, we can see a brief summary about this concept. In a highly competitive environment such as the current one, where our users can easily compare products and services over the Internet, the quality of the experiences they have in their relationships with a company will be essential in determining their loyalty or, on the contrary, their abandonment.

The customer experience is the sum of experiences and sensations that customers experience at each of the “contact points” between user and company. For example, when you enter a store to buy a product. Or when you contact customer service. The overall sense of ownership that users get will determine the survival of your business – isn’t that important enough for you to pay close attention to?

– Count on your users

Does the user experience play a big role but you don’t care what your customers think of it? Doesn’t that seem a little inconsistent to you?

Orienting the client also means being interested in their opinions, and this involves asking questions when necessary and appropriate. Don’t worry, there are many ways to do this: surveys, direct questions to trusted customers, etc. Don’t be arrogant and listen to their suggestions. They know better than anyone what they want and need.

– Maximize the quality of customer service

This is, after all, one of the moments when the relationship with customers is closest. 
Is your customer service a mess? Does it take too long for incidents to be resolved? Does everyone you hire to work in the service run away?

Offering good customer service is not easy, but it is very necessary if you want to achieve a good customer orientation in your company. Doing it well means putting in all the necessary effort, having a good organization, very professional staff and the right tools to do a good job.

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