Interaction and development

Interaction and development

Integria IMS is a flexible and customizable tool. Even though, it’s possible for users to want to amplify a specific feature, or adapt it to have a better fit into the company organization. If you should need to customize the interface, develop an adaptation to your business, or add a new feature to your installation, just ask us (contact link). Artica PFMS, the software development company behind Integria IMS offers custom development services that include tasks such as:


Interface customization


New element interface modeling

Integration, import and export with other system


Simplified interfaces for specific items

Custom forms and reports

Task automation

Additional features

Our specialist team will help you throughout the entire process; from requirement measuring and analysis, implantation and start up, to the official training, so you can take advantage of the tool at 100% of its capabilities, with no need for our help. We have a wealth of experience from all the previous projects and implantations that we’ve carried out for our customers.

Who could do it better than the product’s own manufacturer?