Integria IMS has its own update manager. This way, without having to access the operating system or having to perform any special action, you can update the tool easily in just a few clicks.

We always maintain the intention of improving our software on each update. In these updates we always include error corrections, performance improvements and new features.

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Latest published updates

OUM #95 - 8 March 2022
  • New general project report.
  • New filter in vacation report.
  • New text editor for ticket description.
  • Last login information.
  • Export of ticket list to CSV.
  • Ticket upload performance.
  • More intuitive sorting of project listings.
  • Error resolution.
  • Creation of profiles.
  • Duplicate comments.
  • Images displayed in ticket comments.
  • Editing of work unit dates.
OUM #94 - 25 Nov 2021
  • New Support report detailed by user and type.
  • New macros for templates of work parts.
  • Possibility to create tickets from inventory objects.
  • New view of tickets associated to inventory from the inventory object itself.
  • Ticket search engine in side menu.
  • Security improvements.
  • Visual improvements in the interface.
  • Automatic calculation of payment deadline in invoices according to due date.
  • Ticket display for users grouped by company.
  • Interaction of the side menu with the vacation calendar.
  • Problem when attaching files to tickets.
  • Invoices cannot be created.
  • Error in contract creation.
  • Problem in report scheduler.
  • Problem in Inventory filtering by parent object.
OUM #93 - 21 May 2021
  • New resolution epilogue macro.
  • New maintenance task for deleting files attached to tickets.
  • Ticket creation and inventory buttons in side menu.
  • Integration with GitLab.
  • Integration with Pandora FMS.
  • External link in downloads.
  • SQL_MODE check.
  • Interface color customization.
  • Simultaneous edition warning in contracts and invoices.
  • Automatic calculation of time spent on tasks.
  • New view of invoices associated to contracts.Improvements:
  • Loading of inventory objects in tickets.
  • Translations update.
  • Performance in contract search.
  • Performance of some API functions.
  • Ticket count in dashboard view.
  • Link to parent ticket in ticket detail.
  • Inventory ACL.
  • Loading of linked fields of ticket types.
  • Delete custom fields from contacts.
  • Various calendar issues.
  • Global news visibility.
  • Scheduled reports.
  • Knowledge base search engine.
  • Search for users in ticket comment creation.
  • Some vulnerabilities have been fixed.
OUM #92 - 18 Feb 2021
  • Chatbot.
  • File upload in sections: Downloads and Tickets.
  • Sample data preloaded in database.
  • Possibility to reset all data saved in database.
  • New section to add vacations or absences due to illness.
  • New macros in the sending of emails. * Show tickets score.
  • New quick invoice search in contract edition.
  • Possibility to show user name instead of id in ticket listing.
  • Simplification of the Projects section.
  • Improved Operator detailed report.
  • Visual improvements in menus and views.
  • Error messages when logging in.
  • Visual improvement in inventory list.
  • Quick ticket editing.
  • Error in Gantt chart.
  • ACLs of several sections.
  • MySQL error in People report.
  • Company search engine in user edition.
  • List of KBs in home screen.
  • Modification of “force change pass” token.
OUM #91 - 25 Nov 2020
  • New report scheduler.
  • New report template editor.
  • New user profile for report management.
  • New detailed ticket report.
  • Newt ticket evolution report.
  • New detalles report by operator.
  • Now you may create custom reports in contacts.
  • New search by closing date in ticket list.
  • Maintenance task for old report cleansing.
  • Possibility of assignions the time devoted to a work unit to several users.
  • New filter for Enterprises.
  • Improvements in authentification with Active Directory.
  • Report section structure reorganization.
  • Attached file upload limit.
  • Solved ticket suggestions when creating a new ticket.
  • New ticket lifespan macro.
  • Feedback system.
  • Getstats API función optimizaation.
  • Knowledge base Element creation wizard when closing a ticket.
  • Password policy.
  • Group form inventory item search.
  • Enterprise list custom field filtering.
  • Attached files to Contacts.
  • Enterprise-grouped user ACLs.
  • QR code in inventory item form.
  • Email forwarding with https.
  • Lead creation from form.
OUM #90 - 28 May 2020
  • New Time Tracker section. It is a new feature that allows users to clock in and out, in addition to registering breaks and the location where they work from.
  • New view where to check the status of other users: whether they are working, in the office, taking a break…
  • New daily, weekly and monthly reports related to users’ working hours.
  • New interface. New menus.
  • Ticket Dashboard view.
  • New terms have been added to workflow terms and conditions.
  • Now, ticket custom fields can be mandatory.
  • Header custom location name.
  • Inventory objects list.
  • Global search.
  • Auditing.
  • My tickets list.
  • Ticket comment creation.
  • Knowledge base editing.
  • Pagination.
  • User editing.
  • Lead exportation to CSV.
  • Contact management.
OUM #89 - 18 Feb 2020
  • News visual enhancements.
  • Updated translations.
  • File Releases display.
  • Global news editing.
  • General browser.
  • Calendar notifications.
  • Scheduled report deletion.
OUM #88 - 20 Nov 2019
  • Invoice contract linkage.
  • Edition of hours spent on ticked comments.
  • Client section ACLs.
  • Calendar events.
  • Ticket with standalone users display.
  • MySQL failures.
OUM #87 - 1 Oct 2019
  • New functions in API.
  • Solved several problems in ticket management.
OUM #86 - 8 Aug 2019
  • New login screen.
  • Permissions in CRM section.
  • Search for Leads.
  • Search for Invoices.
  • Fixed vulnerability: SQl Injection.
  • Fixed vulnerability in file upload.
  • Problems in user sessions.
  • MySQL errors.
  • Generation of licenses in Contracts.
  • TinyMCE editor in several CRM section views.
  • List of Downloads of File Releases without type was not shown properly.
OUM #85 - 29 Mar 2019
  • Office365 mail management.
  • New task ‘Telework’ not associated with Projects.
  • File Releases pagination.
  • Visualization of File Releases icons.
  • User Tickets Dashboard with profile grouped by company.
  • Move tasks between different projects.
  • Application of customized filters in Support Reports.
  • Alarms in Leads section.
  • Home screen links.
OUM #84 - 10 Dec 2018
  • Eliminated security vulnerabilities in some forms.
  • ACLs from the People section.
  • Translations.
  • Loss of the description field in files attached to Contracts.
  • Problem in the execution of workflow rules in real time.
  • Error when loading custom fields in the Tickets creation/edition form.
  • Loss of decimals in rectifying invoices.
  • Problem in the notification of changes in tickets by email.
  • Problem in the language selection in the Translated Strings section.
OUM #83 - 31 Oct 2018
  • Translations.
  • Personalized fields of textarea type.
  • Search for Invoices.
  • Contextual help.
  • Visual improvements in buttons.
  • Download of attached files of Contracts.
  • Uploading of contract attachments.
  • Generation of Contract Templates.
  • Creation/Edition of Leads.
  • ACLs applied to standalone users.
  • Contract ACLs.
  • MySQL Errors.
  • Assignment of Tickets to disabled users.
  • Use of custom fonts in text editor.
OUM #82 - 08 Oct 2018
New features:
  • Hide in the invoices the Fiscal Identifier field corresponding to the company.
  • Failure to visualize HTML encoding.
  • Creation of users/tickets through email.
  • Mejoras in the contextual help.
  • Mejoras in the formatting of data returned by the API.
OUM #81 - 13 Sep 2018
New features:
  • New user profile ‘Human Resources’ that allows the management of Work Units.
  • New special task “Doctor’s visit” available for Work Units.
  • It is now possible to attach files to Work Units.
  • It is now possible to attach files to Projects.
  • Calculation of hours assigned to projects when editing tasks of that project.
  • Error in Personalized Ticket Filters.
  • ACLs in Ticket Filters.
  • Error when adding profile to a user.
  • Linked fields of ticket types are displayed incorrectly.
  • Language selection in General Setup.
  • Editing of mail configuration parameters.
  • Creation of Contacts.
  • Notification to user creator of Ticket when they are opened through the mail.
  • ACLs of grouped users.
  • Performance in the Annual Calendar view.
  • Visualization of Work Units.
OUM #80 - 16 Jul 2018
New features:
  • Custom fields for milestones.
  • Be able to select items from the mail queue to modify or delete them.
  • Problem when adding custom links.
  • Calculation of sums in Invoice Report.
  • Error when creating Contract with non-existent company.
  • Export to PDF of Invoices.
  • Wrong count of `Involved Persons’ in Resolution Report.
  • Problem attaching files in response to Leads.
  • Error when executing Workflow Rules in cron.
  • Failure in the operation of the Translate Strings section.
  • Error in the calculation of the’Hard limit’ in the creation of Tickets.
  • SQL errors.
  • Deletion of global custom fields of Tickets.
  • Improvements in Gantt Chart.
  • New sources in Invoice Report.
  • Visual improvements in modal windows of confirmation.
  • Visual improvements in Graphics.
  • Editing of Wiki pages.
OUM #79 - 13 Jun 2018
New features:
  • New type of custom field for People. In addition to the existing fields, you can add linked fields.
  • It is now possible to delete Wiki pages from the Administration menu.
  • MySQL errors.
  • External type fields in Inventory.
  • File downloads.
  • Sum of taxes calculated in Invoices.
  • Entry of hours for holidays.
  • Vacation report.
  • Import of Custom Reports to CSV.
  • Internal WU input.
  • Improved visualization of milestones in Gantt charts.
  • Calculation of deviation time in Projects.
  • Translations update.
OUM #78 - 4 Jun 2018
Fixed issues that occurred after the upgrade to php 7.
OUM #77 - 15 May 2018
New features:
  • Upgraded to PHP version 7.
  • PDF library upgraded to version 6.1 of mPDF.
  • Flexibility in report creation.
  • New user profile. In addition to administration user, grouped and isolated user, Integria has a new user profile grouped by Company.
  • It is now possible to customize the logical operations that can be performed with the conditions of the workflow rules.
  • Problem when deleting workflow rules.
  • SQL error when creating users.
  • User language.
  • Installation of demo database.
  • People Report.
  • Resolution Report.
OUM #76 - 17 Apr 2018
New features:
  • Now you can attach files to Contracts generated from customizable templates.
  • Sending of Tickets notification on demand.
  • New conditions for the execution of Workflow Rules.
  • Setting a hierarchy of Download Types in the Support section is now possible.
  • New levels of access to the Clients section.
  • Fixed the condition ‘Text string search’ of the Workflow Rules.
  • User avatar upload in installations on Windows OS.
  • Coding of line breaks in email notifications.
  • Status selection in the Inventory search and form.
  • Export of Custom Reports to CSV.
  • User pagination of the People section.
  • Management of user vacations within the People section.
  • Legends in graphs.
OUM #75 - 19 Mar 2018
New features:
  • It is now possible to change the type and group of a ticket automatically using the workflow rules.
  • Q/A information has been added to the Support Report. It is a new section where you can consult the score of each ticket.
  • Log of activity of tickets and work units related to a task.
  • New option to automatically assign a ticket creator to the first user to write a comment on the ticket.
  • Option to export the Reports to CSV.
  • Valuation of tickets by the user creator after closing.
  • Display of texts from the Clients section.
  • Display of total quantities invoiced by company.
  • Display of user images that are sent by email in notifications.
  • Display of graphs.
  • Deletion of workflow rules.
  • Broken link to Knowledge Base elements.
  • Filtering in the ticket search.
OUM #73 - 24 Jan 2018
  • Incorrect counting of tickets belonging to ‘isolated’ users.
  • Error when removing people from a task.
  • ‘Parent’ field of a non-editable task.
  • Creation of custom fields in the Contracts section.
  • SLAs.
  • Task creation/editing form.
  • Simplificationo of the Projects menu.
  • PDF reports visualization.
  • Edition of articles from the Knowledge Base.
  • Inventory export support.
  • HTML email processing.
New features:
  • New home screen that includes a search engine for the Knowledge Base.
  • Integration of eHorus with Inventory.
  • New Ticket filter on Dashboard.
  • Option that allows users who do not belong to any group to create Tickets.
  • Group duplication is now possible.
OUM #72 – 07 Nov 2017
  • Fixed minor bugs.
OUM #71 – 17 Oct 2017
  • New API functionality. It is now possible to add inventory objects to an already created ticket.
  • Improved Office 365 support.
  • Solved problem in sending emails through workflow rules.
OUM #70 – 02 Oct 2017
  • Customized Contract fields can be grouped into sections.
  • New functions have been added to the API.
  • It is possible to choose the order in which the personalized fields of Tickets, Companies and Contracts are displayed.
  • Creation of Inventory objects is now allowed without assigning an owner to it.
  • Creation of Contracts without associated Company.
  • Visual improvements in pagination.
  • Updated translations.

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