Be aware of the most common ticketing errors and learn to avoid them with good ticket management software.

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Ticket management software: Improve your customer service system avoiding the most common mistakes

Incident management is a vitally important issue that every business should take into account. Its main goal is to solve any problem or incident in a fast, and efficient way, analyzing how this incident occurred and making sure that this does not happen again in the future. Helpdesk tools are one the best methods but they always must include good ticket management software.

Tickets are made for organizing properly the needs of customers or users. It is important that incidents are solved correctly, but it is also important that these incidents are registered so that they can be used in the future. Whether it is in the ticket itself or in specialized reports, so that it is possible to analyze problems or to get all the information that is needed (what happened, when, how long it took to solve the problem, etc.).

Frequent ticket management mistakes

Within ticket management software, you can find a large number of problems, but there are several types that are frequently repeated. When the number of clients goes up, doubts, incidences and problems generally increase. Here are some of the most frequent situations that can weaken our customer service system. We can solve these problems by being aware of them, and it is much easier to find suitable alternatives, in this case with ticket management software.

  • In many cases, there is no correct follow-up of the incidence. For example; How many times have you called your telephone operator to solve an incident?, We have been talking to different people, repeating the same dialogue over and over again, trying to explain what our problem is, and to top it all off nobody has solved anything. This might happen in any company. Good organization and internal communication is vital for a company to function properly.
  • There is also no incident storage. Regardless of whether these have been solved or not. We cannot benefit from problem solving, since we cannot analyze why the incidence happened in order to prevent it from happening again..
  • They are managed through different channels, for example e-mail, telephone or in person. If there is little traffic, then there is no problem, but once the company grows, questions and incidents of the customers grow too, this creates some internal lack of control. If we do not organize ourselves correctly, it is very difficult to get good customer service feedback.
  • There is no difference between the urgency and the incidence.
  • There are no statistics or data to go through in order to improve our service.

All these situations can create a general discontent in our clients, which can mean some negative opinions about our company. Today, it is more important than ever to have positive reviews, because thanks to the Internet, negative opinions spread quickly and can cause your sales to fall. The solution to all these problems is simpler than you imagine, with a good ticket management software, you can manage the internal and external incidents, in order for you to avoid all the problems mentioned above and with some organization and control, the customer experience will also improve.

There are many ticket management software tools, but not all are the same. It is obvious that all of them will help us to improve our organization and the customer experience. But how?

How can a ticket management software help you?

Integria IMS ticket management software has the following features to improve the customer service system:

  • Tickets are intuitive and easy to create for both users and employees of the company. This will prevent your customers from having to contact you through other lines such as landline or email.
  • Several users can access the ticket in order to solve incidents. This way the workers can work together, seeking solutions more quickly and find specialized solutions. And if a worker is away or on vacation, other workers will be able to solve the ticket, preventing the customer from feeling abandoned.
  • Easy to check tickets generated by your storage system. You will be able to see pending or closed tickets, among a great number of possibilities. So you can use previous tickets to solve repeated incidents, as well as get to know when something is not working well so that you are able to change it, among other possibilities.
  • We also track incidents by email. Thus the user does not feel that “he has been forgotten”, he knows that we have received the incident and that we are working on it. It has “Workflow Rules“, this means that in case a ticket has not been resolved, an email is automatically sent to the user informing about the current situation of the incident.
  • Customizable tickets, avoiding generic tickets and speeding up the resolution process.
  • There are reports and statistics in order for us to see the weak points of the management of incidents, the percentages of resolution of our workers, personalized searches about our previously saved searches, etc.
  • Apart from these advantages, we have a technical support team of the platform, so that we can consult any doubts about the tool and even go to the training of Integria IMS, in order to get more out of the ticket management software.
  • Finally, it also has the system of evaluation of the service through the system of quality evaluation. That way you will know what they think of you and what you need to change in order to improve customer service.

As you can imagine all these points are created to improve the organization of incident management software. This way we will get to know how our company and our workers work and will significantly improve the customer service, this will be reflected in the evaluation system of the internal service, but also in the external opinion platforms, improving our customer service system.

If you want to know more about the ticket management software, you can search for more in the Integria IMS guides, and we invite you to try out this helpdesk software and to start improving your organization today.