11 types of customers and how to deal with them

types of customers

Types of customers. Learn how to deal with them once and for all

Oh well, customers, those customers…

You couldn’t live without them, but sometimes it gets hard to live with them too. Without your clients, your business wouldn’t exist, so keep that in mind. Sometimes customers are kind and calm but other times you might be dealing with difficult customers. Every person is different, but in the end we are all humans. Keep in mind that you can always share some common ground. Do you want to understand them better? Let them know all about your company and also make sure to let them know what you can offer them. Keep reading to find out more; perhaps this article will help you. Let’s have a look at some different types of customers.

Talkative clients

They don’t have bad intentions, but they can make you waste a lot of time. At first you start talking about the latest improvements in your product but then they end up telling you how they captured a unicorn last summer in the deepest jungles of South America. If you let them talk, they might end up describing the life and miracles of their grandfather who fought the Second World War, so you should stop them before it’s too late, otherwise you will lose all morning. Be kind and gentle with them, there are many ways to end a conversation without being rude.

Aggressive clients

They complain, threaten and if you were face-to-face with them, they could even hit you in the head with a mace full of spikes. Okay, the latter sounds more like a “killer client” and it’s quite unlikely, but you know what we mean. In order to deal with them, make sure you are calm and relaxed. If you deal with them with kindness and in a peaceful way, they will soften their tone of voice. Let them talk; they just want to let you know about their complaints. Try to find common ground with them. Over time, they will be more relaxed.

Offensive clients

They are quite similar to the aggressive clients. This year, they have not joined their favourite football team and they are quite pissed off about it so now they lay all on you. Don’t behave like them, and don’t use any insults or bad words, just be relaxed. Again, as we mentioned earlier, keep calm and don’t be rude. Remember that it is work, don’t take it personally.

Unhappy clients

Although they might look like the aggressive clients or the offensive clients, they have nothing to do with them. They don’t have bad manners or bad intentions, but they have some complaints – which are possibly justified – which have made them lose confidence in your company and now they are in a defensive attitude. Try to show them that they have no reason to worry. Have a positive attitude with them and let them know that you will do anything to help them. And of course, keep your word.

Impatient clients

They want an answer and they want it NOW. They usually have a strong personality or they might be quite mad at you, so you’ll have to have a firm hand. Don’t match their level of annoyance. If you can remain calm and reassure them, it is likely that their levels of impatience will go down. It is easier if you let them know that you are going to get to work immediately in order to solve their problem (and, again, remember that this must be true). If you cannot deal with their problem now, let them know that their problem will be solved as soon as possible.

Know-it-all clients

Okay, this is a very common one when talking about types of customers. They know it all and of course, they know what they are talking about. They know your product, your competitors, prices, and features … Whenever you talk to them; you feel like taking out a notebook in order to write things down. Be polite and show that you value their knowledge. You can also learn a lot from them, so you should keep in mind their comments. They can give you very valuable information.

Be careful; don’t get it wrong, these ones are quite different from the “brother-in-law” type of clients. You will distinguish these from the other ones due to their tone of voice and also the “brother-in-law” clients have no idea what they are talking about…

Flirty customers

They have gone through all the flirting apps and they are now exploring new territories. Do not lose patience with them, and don’t be playful like them. Be professional and they will notice that you are only doing your job.

Polite clients.

They talk about their complaints in a polite way just like the queen of England (and perhaps they use the same accent). It’s nice to deal with them because, in addition to their good manners, they will allow you to get down to business and solve their problems quickly. You will only need to treat them with diligence and in a polite way.

Negotiating clients

They would be able to sell freezers in the North Pole, and they might have the whole day to prove it. They are probably more interested in letting you know that they are right than in getting a real benefit. Find something alternative to offer them to let them know about their good negotiation skills. Probably, after that, they will be satisfied.

Doubtful clients

They don’t really know what product they want, or if they actually want anything. They have gone through all the FAQ and now they are repeating the same questions. You could spend hours with them and after that they might end up leaving you without a specific answer. Have a lot of patience with them, but do not keep wasting time and let them go gently if you see that in the end they will not make any purchase. This is another interesting type when talking about types of customers.

Participatory clients

You could take them home with you and place them next to the cat. They are chatty people, who want to know in a constructive way the different aspects of the product, and they will not bother you with their problems. If they criticise your product, it will always be constructive, so be very happy to listen to their suggestions. Treat them properly. When talking about types of customers , these ones are the best.

Did you like our article? Don’t take it too seriously; you know that customers are essential for your business. And now that you know some types of customers, let us show you a tool that can help you provide good customer service. Integria IMS is a software that, among other features, has an incident management system that will make it easier for you to solve their problems.

Ps: and customers, don’t take this article too seriously, we are only joking!
Thank you very much!