What type of entrepreneur are you?

types of entrepreneurs

Types of entrepreneurs; Learn more about their different qualities

If you look up online the word ‘’entrepreneur’’ you will find something like this: someone who starts their own business, especially when this involves seeing a new opportunity.

If you are an entrepreneur, you might be feeling a bit like Indiana Jones or Lara Croft. And if you have been living as an entrepreneur for a long time then, we are pretty sure that at some point you have felt like you were being chased by a huge stone ball.

In this business world, there are different types of entrepreneurs, depending on personal qualities, especially on different reasons when creating a company. In this article we will go through the 12 types of entrepreneurs; maybe you see yourself in some of them.

The passionate entrepreneur

This person has had a great idea and this person is ready to die for it. This person works 24 hours a day and has company-related dreams, 7 days a week, and this person usually cannot stop talking about his/her business (when talking about types of entrepreneurs, occasionally, this one can be quite annoying).

If they are able to control their passion with intelligence and perspective, they will go far. Otherwise, everything will collapse…

The specialist

This person is a scholar in their field, which allows them to have an advantage over theircompetitors. The problem is that, usually they will not have all the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur and they will have to associate with other people to get ahead. If they are smart and know how to focus on their own and surround themselves with other people who can help them with other aspects of the business, they will do very well.

The entrepreneur by chance

Patricio was working in your aunt Estrella’s pet shop in order to have a quiet and stable job. 20 years later, Estrella’s commercial skills have made the store grow and it has become a multinational in the manufacture of plastic bones for Chihuahuas. Now, Aunt Estrella has died from eating a mushroom in poor condition, and her only heir is Patricio.

Patricio never thought about it, but now he has in his hands a company that is listed on the Dow Jones, with 35,000, and also has to face a crisis in the leisure sector for Chihuahuas, so he needs to reinvent the business. He’d better get a little entrepreneurial attitude…

In some occasions, the hazards of life make people like Patricio entrepreneurs. Remember: it can also happen to you.

The business entrepreneur

They usually have great technical knowledge and a solid academic background. They know almost every aspect of a business and know how to surround themselves with the right people. If they can find a good idea and have experience, they will be the most appropriate entrepreneurs for the company to move forward.

The entrepreneur out of necessity

They do not want to start a company; actually they would like to be a happy employee, but can’t find a job, so they decide to start a business.

Sometimes, this type of entrepreneur can succeed, but unfortunately many cases of total failure are known.

The visionary entrepreneur

They have a time machine, which allow them to travel to the future and anticipate what is to come. They are creative they are not afraid of risk. Their greatest strength may also be their greatest weakness: sometimes, it will be difficult for them to focus on what they actually have because you might find them thinking about future projects.

The leading entrepreneur

They are able to convince all of their team in order for the company to do well and the employees to perform at their best. It is the image of their company and their greatest value. Usually they are entrepreneurs with a great career and who have a huge charisma. A classic example: Steve Jobs.

This is another great example of these types of entrepreneurs.

The investor

They have loads money, extensive knowledge in the world of the company, and the experience of other successful companies previously created by them.

At times, they will seek to associate with other people they consider appropriate because they have extensive technical knowledge and if they have had a good idea, to which they will contribute their capital and experience in the business world. Often, they will leave the company when they find someone to sell their participation for a good price.

The one who chases opportunities

They cannot stop talking about having 10 extraordinary ideas everyday. They have the enterprise in their veins, and that leads them to create one company after another. Watch out! Sometimes having ten ideas and ten companies might not be a great idea after all.

The commercial entrepreneur

They could sell a scooter to their grandmother. They have an overwhelming gift for people, they have done well in their commercial career, and now they have decided to start their own company.

If they surround themselves with people who can help them with other aspects of their business, they will achieve great things.

The humble entrepreneur

They have a dream: to reach happiness. To do this, they do not need to earn large amounts of money or get their company to become a multinational, but they just want to reach happiness doing what they love.

He/she is a fairly common type in these types of entrepreneurs; the commercial premises that we find in our streets are full of these types of entrepreneurs. If they have some luck, experience and knowledge, they will do well.

The technological entrepreneur

They have technical training, but they have also been bitten by the entrepreneurial worm. These types of entrepreneurs are very popular. Some examples are: Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg….

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