How to improve user experience? 7 technologies that enhance the user experience

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User experience; 7 technologies that will help you improve it

Before discovering fire, human beings had a really hard time.

We owe this advance to the ancestor, homo erectus, who wandered the planet about 1.5 million years ago, eating plants and the flesh of dead animals. As you can imagine, dear reader, his life was not pleasant at all. In addition to this painful diet we must mention a series of diseases due to poor nutrition and the consumption of raw meat, and a lot of suffering in those winters without a bonfire to be warmed.

But 800,000 years ago, things began to change. Our distinguished ancestor learned to create fire and as a result, his life (and ours) changed forever.
We could say that the discovery of fire was one of the first technological advances achieved by human beings. And since then we’ve had a few more!
Technology is there to make our lives easier. Just like the discovery of fire made the lives of our ancestors more pleasant, today there are other technologies that can improve our lives. Okay, that’ s true, they’re not as dramatic and essential as the discovery of fire, but they can also help us!

7 technologies to improve the user experience

The user experience is part of the relationship with customers that has become increasingly important in recent years, since the power of customers has increased and the rising number of competitors has led to maximizing the quality of interactions between a business and its users.

Luckily, there are many technologies available today that can also be used to improve this area. Do you want to see some of them?

– Ecommerce

This is the queen of the party. It is one of the technologies that has transformed commerce and has made life easier for customers.
In fact, there is no greater advantage for consumers than being able to buy from home, at any time and on any day of the week, with only a few mouse clicks.
Ecommerce offers a number of advantages and, when carried out intelligently, it facilitates the user experience to the fullest. That is why it has been so successful and continues to grow year after year.

– New payment systems

They bloom like wild mushrooms. They keep multiplying, to the point that a new one comes along daily.
Paypal, cell phone payment, virtual cards…. Thousands of new payment methods have been launched over the last few years with the main aim of speeding up the dramatic moment in which we are forced to release the money.

– Personalized recommendations

As a customer, you may have experienced this on many occasions. All types of apps or online stores offer recommendations based on purchases or previous searches in an attempt to better personalize the experience.

These technologies aim to improve the user experience by reducing the time it takes to find the products you want to purchase, and also facilitate cross-selling, thus providing benefits to both customers and the business.

– Technologies at the point of sale

Did you think that physical businesses couldn’t benefit from technology to improve the user experience as well?

Screens in the shop windows and inside the establishments (equipped with virtual assistants) or the now traditional self-service checkouts are the breakthrough of a large number of technologies at the point of sale that will be developed in the coming years, including artificial intelligence or augmented reality.

– Mobile apps

They are not only an extension of e-commerce, but they also link the user with the company.
Having an app installed on a mobile phone is like having a door open to a store. Thanks to these, the user can not only buy easily, but will be aware of offers, news, and the user will also be able to participate in surveys, promotions, etc.

– Social networks and blogs

They are not only a tool to upload your last holiday photos but they are also part of the new ways of connecting between companies and customers. Social networks and blogs are a great way for brands and users to exchange opinions and other information.
From tutorials or interesting articles to online customer service, the possibilities are endless. But remember to ensure that your input is valuable: your users will appreciate it!

– Issue management systems

These are tools that are intended for business, but are also used to improve the user experience.
Issue management systems are computer programs designed to improve the customer service management carried out by companies. There are different kinds of systems, but the ones that have been most successful in recent years are those that are ticket-based.

You probably already know how it works, and your company may even have one of these systems already installed. Or you may have heard of them.

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