Web-based help desk software: better than a traditional helpdesk?

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Web based help desk software: why it’s better than a traditional helpdesk.

If you have a client-facing business that relies totally on maintaining a good relationship with your customers, you’re going to have to respond to a high number of incidents in the most efficient and speedy way possible. There’s more than one way to solve these questions, and web based help desk software might be a better bet than a traditional customer service situation.

Imagine you have a company that sells cell phones, with a bricks and mortar outlet in the center of your town. A client buys a phone that turns out to be a dud; they return to the shop, change the cell, is attended professionally by the assistant and leaves a happy customer.

So far, so good. But now the company starts to grow, and the store and the assistants cannot cope with the extra demands from clients, so an online customer assistance service is set up. Now there are 15 clients with malfunctioning cell phones and another five who are still waiting for their order to arrive. Up to now, the customer-care situation has been manageable using email and telephone, but problems begin to accumulate.

What if, instead of 20, there were 500 incidents? At some point you ought to start looking at an automated system for handling larger volumes of clients and their incidents, quickly and efficiently.

These days the traditional model of customer service is still in operation, despite often relying on large numbers of teleworkers. Going back to our original example, a small business operation can manage with a more traditional customer service setup, but as the business scales up, customer attention becomes more important, as bad attention can impact negatively on your brand, product or service.

So, what can entrepreneurs do to improve their customer service, and not be swamped by incidents?

Web based help desk software

It is one of the easiest and most useful ways to solve your clients’ problems, and answer their queries, find a solution to their incidents or complaints, provide web and technical support; web based helpdesk software is a powerful tool in the hands of your IT team, allowing them to respond correctly to incidents, facilitates communication, and keeps the whole infrastructure ticking over. Making the system WEB based means you can take advantage of an Internet connection, regardless of the devices or OS you use, and without the need for heavyweight hardware, or software installations.

web based help desk software

6 key points that make web based helpdesk software the most viable option for your organization:

  • Anywhere: Wherever your hardware is, it’s accessible.
  • Simple: You won’t need to install any heavy software, or any heavyweight machine to run it on.
  • Reduce time costs: lower your incident response time, and reduce costs for your company
  • Personal records: all incidents are registered, and the data saved, allowing you to consult who your clients are, the previous problems they have experienced and how they were attended.
  • Support: A web system needs to be backed up by a good support team, who know the platform and can respond quickly and effectively to incidents, queries and complaints.
  • Evaluation: you’ll better understand how your organization works, what needs to improve, and what your clients opinion of you is.

For these six reasons, web based help desk software will always give better results than a traditional telephone/email customer service, for small, medium and large companies. There are many options currently on the market, open and licensed, including the Integria IMS system.

web based help desk software

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