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What is CRM? Find out more about this customer management solution

Get to know your customer, make your customer happy, just find out “what is CRM?”

Let’s start at the very beginning. At the very beginning of earth, iron was one of the most abundant chemical elements… No, that’s not it, better begin with “what is CRM”, that means by its definition. Of course, it is an acronym, because we always try to make things more mysterious by using acronyms. What is CRM? Well, firstly, it is the acronym of Customer Relationship Management. With this, you may be already getting an idea of what you have at hand, right?

CRM, as an application will allow you to bring all the actions of a company and its clients to the same point, in a single database.

Almost by definition, CRM software, because it really is a software, will help you share and spread all the information of a client. That way, you can get to understand their needs, and even anticipate them. A customer who stays calm and free of stress is a happy customer, and this will benefit your team in the long run.

CRM saves and compiles all management data and commercial routes creating a detailed history.

It also enables management solutions, more easily, when creating campaigns to get new customers. It is also good at the task of customer loyalty.

Picture yourself sitting on your golden throne controlling the sets of actions performed on all your clients or on your potential customers. Right there, at the top of the summit, managing and operating commercial actions from a simple control panel. Yes, the only thing missing is for it to be ergonomic and include a small plastic sleeve to be as good as the TV remote.

You may have heard about it in the chat room that is the office hall or while queueing for coffee: The companies that use CRM solutions the most are those that have most of the sales opportunities. Why? Well, because they streamline management with updated budgets (instantly) and very tight and optimized sale processes.

Yes, and in the same way, all companies that use CRM software can achieve better segmentation and also store data for a high-quality after-sale service or customer service.

Imagine a more accessible definition of “what is CRM” with a telemarketing add, you know, one of those which broadcast late at night and which you have ended up watching without really understanding the reason why everything turns out so attractive and deceiving:

(Music intro with CRM in huge letters)

(At the back of the office, two boys, John and Mike, who clean up nicely and have one million dollar smiles, talk with a lot of charisma, I’d say too much.)

– Good morning, Mike.

– Very good morning, John. What do you have for me today?

– You’re going to freak out with what I bring this wonderful summer morning, John. Tell me, what is CRM? Do you know about it?

– No, Mike, enlighten me, what is CRM?

– Look John, I’m going to fill you in on the latest software and technology. CRM is basically a customer relationship management solution, mostly aimed at managing three basic concepts:

  1. Commercial management.
  2. Marketing.
  3. After-sales service or customer service.

Got it, John?

– Yes, got it, Mike.

– Well, there’s more, John!

– You got to be kidding me, Mike! Is there more?

– Get ready, John. CRM and its habitual use are part of a complex campaign, aimed at the client, in which all its actions have a final goal: developing customer and potential customer relationship, communication and service. This tool itself, CRM, and customer orientation give us verifiable results, thanks to a structured commercial management that favors productivity and sales. With the purpose of providing detailed information about the client. This enables, as you may have guessed, a great effectiveness when planning marketing campaigns.

– Wonderful, Mike! And what about the customer service functions of a tool like CRM?

-Well, John, you will not believe this! They really promote the client’s loyalty and satisfaction. Which, of course, has a good and remarkable impact in terms of sales, both recurring and crossed.

– Of course, small companies, which we all have had at least once, usually start with a fairly simple relationship between seller and client. In this early stage, you could try to control everything with a basic Excel sheet, to take notes about users and orders, but soon, as your company starts growing, these types of records are not enough and that is why, there is nothing better than starting to use CRM, don’t you think so Mike?

– That’s it John!

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