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No items in inventory Error
Hi everybody,

I 've been using Integria mainly for the inventory feature and it has been working fine but im running into an error. Once i search an Object Type per example PCs, all the devices show and since is quite a few i have multiple pages of results. The problem comes when i try to view the next page with items. I get a message on red that reads [color=red]Empty Inventory[/color].
I know that all the items are listed in the inventory but its pretty inconvenient to have to sort them all manually. Is there anything i have to do to fix this?
What is yours version of Integria Ims?
My version is 160413. I updated from the version prior to that but they issue still persisted
one question, is open or enterprise version? Can you send the version in footer?
Hey Carlos!

I never got around to install the enterprise version but here is the footer:
Quote:Integria IMS OpenSource Edition 4.2 MR33 Package 160511
Integria IMS is an OpenSource Project, licenced under GPL terms
Page generated at Fri May 13, 2016 08:49:56
this problem is solved in the last update. Can you update and try again?.
I updated to the newest available version but unfortunately the issue still present.
Good morning,

Please download
When file is completed, create a back-up of code and execute command rpm -i --force <name of file>.

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