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Installing on Ubuntu 16.04
I have Integria IMS OpenSource Edition 5.0 MR49 Package 49 installed and working on Ubuntu 16.04 and I thought other folks might be interested in how that is accomplished. The first issue is that Ubuntu comes with PHP version 7.0 which does not include the "old" mysql extension. The easiest way to get around that is to downgrade to a version of PHP that includes the defunct extension by A) adding a third party repository with "add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/php", B) installing PHP version 5.6, and then C) uninstalling PHP version 7.0. The other major issue is that Ubuntu comes with MySQL version 5.7 that has "strict SQL mode" enabled by default. The easiest fix for that is to A) edit the MySQL configuration with sql-mode="MYSQL40", and B) restart MySQL.

I get a bunch of warnings in the apache log and when the cron job runs, but it seems to work. As a software developer that has to deal with similar issues I don't envy the Integria team having to do the large amount of work that will be required to get Integria working on stock Ubuntu 16.04.
Thanks nontrivial!
Nice Smile)

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