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Questions Please
I have started using the open source version of Integria (OpenSource Edition 5.0 MR49) and I have some questions please:

* For the enterprise version it talks about managers and regular users. Does that correspond to administrators and grouped users in the open source version?
* What is the difference between "File Releases" and "File Sharing"? They both seem to do the same thing.
* What does the "Show Clients" option on the calendar do? What is a client, a customer?
* In some places tickets are referred to as incidents. They are the same thing, right?
* How do I create a work order? I can't seem to find any way to do that.
* Is there some way for one user to view another's calendar?
* I think I figured out how to assign tasks, but "My task assignments" is always empty for that user. Am I missing something?
* On the home screen the "Projects" section is always empty. How do I get projects to show up there?
* When I try to upload a file in "File Sharing" I always get the error "There was an error while building the package" and nothing shows up in the logs. Are there any suggestions on tracking down that issue?

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